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Reminder: Web3 Communication Delivered to the BNB Chain With Push Protocol Integration

The web3 communications protocol, Push, launches notifications between decentralised apps (dApps) as it joins the BNB chain. 

The Push protocol, which offers a decentralised communication and notification network for web3 enabling cross-chain notifications and messaging for dApps, wallets and services, is joining the BNB chain; the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users.

As a result of the protocol, any smart contract, dApp or back-end service can send or receive on or off-chain notifications tied to the wallet addresses of users in a multichain, platform-agnostic way.

Above all, the solution facilitates the native communication of on and off-chain data between different wallets, consolidating the historically fractured dApp ecosystem’s dependency on centralised communication platforms.

While the protocol currently serves a variety of dApps and service providers across decentralised finance (DeFi) through its presence on the Ethereum and Polygon chains, its recent addition to the BNB chain will align its messaging and notification services to an array of new users.

The BNB chain is one of the largest networks in the world, boasting an estimated 230 million unique wallet addresses, all of which will be able to access Push’s notification services.

Push BNB Chain Web3
Alvin Kan, director of growth, BNB Chain

Alvin Kan, director of growth at BNB Chain, describes the expansion of Push’s decentralised communications suite to the BNB chain as “a testament to their vision of bridging the gap between the traditional web and the decentralised world.”

“The launch of Push protocol on BNB chain will bring a whole new level of accessibility to its easy-to-use communication interface powered by decentralised notifications and messaging,” comments Kan.

Achieving interconnectivity between dApps and blockchains

According to the DeFi total value locked (TVL) aggregator DeFi Llama, BNB Chain is the third largest network with more than $5billion total value locked and an estimated 230 million unique wallet addresses. The growth of the network has consequently seen many dApps, games and social projects move onto the network, with the Uniswap community recently voting to deploy Uniswap v3 on BNB Chain.

Push’s move to the BNB chain will introduce the chain’s one million daily active users to the Push protocol while also expanding the potential user base available for Push’s own features, such as ‘Push Chat’, which facilitates wallet-to-wallet messaging and communications.

Harsh Rajat, project lead and founder of Push, expects its launch on the BNB chain to bring a whole new wave of users to the protocol.

“Launching on BNB Chain helps Push to get closer to its vision of onboarding one billion users to web3,” Rajat explains. “Until now, Push protocol’s web3 notification services have been limited to Ethereum and Polygon.

“We know that the BNB chain is hugely popular with retail investors and are excited to expand our offering to this entirely new segment. I’m excited about the launch and believe this is the next step towards delivering truly decentralised notifications, messaging and communications to everyone.”


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