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Europe Paytech Unveils One-Stop Marketplace For Branded Payments

Fintech launches global marketplace for digital branded gift cards and mobile top-ups from 75 brands including Netflix, Spotify, Apple, Google and PlayStation.

The platform, available in 180 different countries, covers sectors including credit, gaming, entertainment, shopping and prepaid money. More than three million people use to process over $500million of payments every year. also claims to be ‘reinventing the concept of the prepaid card’ to enable consumers to control their budgets and security online, promoting the idea of pay now, buy later (PNBL), which enables upfront prepaid payments so consumers can buy a product or asset in the future.

PNBL is designed to increase the amount of control people have over their money management and gives much more financial visibility by indicating exactly how much they are earning and spending each month.

Günther Vogelpoel, CEO of, said: “This is an exciting new move for the company as we become the world’s one-stop shop for branded payments. We are proud to offer the broadest possible choice to a huge range of consumers worldwide while helping people to protect their details online. We are also thrilled to lead the way in helping people manage their household budgets and spending during uncertain times.”

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Amsterdam, started out as a mobile top-up card company before becoming a one-stop shop for various categories of branded payments, including call credit, data bundles, shopping, entertainment, gaming, and prepaid money.

In July, the company appointed Martine Tiemersma as chief of staff to set up and open regional outposts, including Recharge’s office in Lisbon, Portugal, which is home to the company’s new tech development hub.


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