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Rapyd, is due to announce a major expansion of Rapyd Disburse, an industry-leading mass-payout platform.

Rapyd, a London-based Fintech as a Service company, is due to announce on Monday major expansion of Rapyd Disburse, an industry-leading mass-payout platform.

The company has made significant investments in the Rapyd Global Payments Network in Europe and the Americas, and now offers more payout methods in Asia than any other payout platform.  A simplified user interface for clients to onboard is now available, so clients can begin to more quickly disburse funds locally or cross-border.

The global economy is re-focusing to a new playing field and a changed set of market realities. Digital businesses such as marketplaces, content delivery networks, gaming, and online education applications support a growing number of entrepreneurs with new income streams. Marketplaces and gig-economy platforms that can support cross-border payouts for remote workers, and B2B suppliers stand to benefit considerably as the world adapts to new market conditions. Rapyd Disburse solves these global disbursement challenges by simplifying the complexity of local and cross-border payouts so new markets can be reached faster.


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