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Raisin Invest Launch New ESG Product Line With More Than 30 Sustainable EFTs

The pan-European savings marketplace Raisin has added a new hybrid-robo “ETF Configurator” to its investment platform in the German market. The Configurator allows investors to create individualised portfolios according to their own investment strategies but with the cost-efficiency and digital experience of a robo advisor.

At the same time, Raisin Invest has launched a new ESG (“environmental, social, governance”) product line with more than 30 sustainable ETFs and bonds to choose from, or a pre-set starting ESG portfolio. The Berlin-based Raisin has been active since 2018 with its Raisin Invest ETF platform in Germany, now managing more than €950million as one of the market’s biggest robo advisors.

Hybrid-robo: Investors can design their own long-term asset accumulation

Raisin’s ETF Configurator is aimed at investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon who want to determine the building blocks of their portfolio themselves. The Configurator allows investors to choose from around 200 ETFs and index funds from major asset managers such as Amundi, DEKA, iShares, Lyxor, UBS, Vanguard and X-trackers. They can then deploy individual investment strategies involving different asset classes, countries, regions, and sectors.

Investing starts from a minimum of €500 or, within a Raisin Invest savings plan, from €50 per month. The portfolio management is automated, rendering the total costs of the ETF Configurator just 0.43% annually, plus fund costs, and including the configuration of individual ETF portfolios, payouts, changes to the portfolio composition, regular rebalancing with different intervals to choose from, and the integrated savings plan.

Raisin Invest ESG funds are more than green

Developed by Raisin’s investment experts, the pre-configured ESG starting portfolio provides exposure to around 600 individual securities and is broadly and globally diversified, with a clearly defined sustainability profile. The broad concept of sustainability in the ESG criteria for financial products takes into account not only environmental impact but also factors such as working conditions and tax transparency, as well as other indicators of good governance.

“Many of the sustainable investment options are overpriced and thus underperform. Raisin enables a broadly diversified and, above all, cost-effective investment so investors don’t have to compromise on return opportunities. Since we take care of otherwise expensive and time-consuming processes such as trading and rebalancing through automation, the individual ETF portfolio can be significantly more economical than implementing it with a house bank or broker,” explains Kim Felix Fomm, Chief Investment Officer at Raisin.

“With the Raisin Invest ETF Configurator, our customers can precisely implement personal preferences like sustainability while building wealth according to their own investment styles.”


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