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Railsbank Partners with QNTMPAY to Support Push into “Fan Economy” With Mclaren F1

QNTMPAY, the official digital banking partner of McLaren F1, has announced at Money20/20 Europe that it has partnered with global Embedded Finance platform Railsbank to support upcoming product and services launches in the UK.

Railsbank is supporting QNTMPAY, the first lifestyle brand in digital banking, to launch in the UK, with plans to rapidly expand to Europe and Asia. QNTMPAY’s ambition is to tap into the ‘fan economy’ worth £8.5 billion annually in the UK alone.

Designed to enhance the Formula 1 fan experience, QNTMPAY’s partnership with McLaren will offer new and relevant rewards and experiences to fans to drive engagement and loyalty. The next phase of the partnership will also see the launch of McLaren Mastercard branded debit cards, setting the benchmark for embedded experiences for their fans. Railsbank CEO Nigel Verdon will be joined by QNTMPAY founder Adam Pearsall and McLaren Automotive’s CMO Gareth Dunsmore on the main stage on Thursday 23rd September at Money2020.

“Consumer brands are increasingly under pressure to keep hold of the digital grip of their customers or fans,” said Nigel Verdon, CEO and co-founder at Railsbank. “Brands must unlock untapped opportunities that can deliver relevant experiences to enhance their brand value. Embedding finance experiences into existing offerings is an attractive path for brands looking to increase regular engagement and revenues. Railsbank is supporting forward-thinking brands like QNTMPAY to build these new financial use-cases they always imagined, at a pace previously unimaginable.”

Commenting, QNTMPAY Founder Adam Pearsall said: “London is the world’s fintech capital, so we’re excited to be launching in the UK before anywhere else. Railsbank will support us in exploring new opportunities as our partner. We choose to only work with businesses that share our vision of a new way of banking, built on experiences. Railsbank understands experience is invaluable, to us as a brand, and to the modern consumer.”


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