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QuantumFy Brings Tailored Banking and Payments to MENA Through Expansion

QuantumFy, a global technology hub, has expanded into the Middle East and become a member in the MENA FinTech Association (MFTA). This has been done to drive business growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Aligning with its strategy to extend its reach into new emerging markets, QuantumFy’s collaboration with the MENA Fintech Association is a step towards leveraging its expertise in the region. QuantumFy specialises in tailored banking, payment, and investment technology solutions. It plans to adapt these to meet the specific needs of the Middle East market.

The MENA Fintech Association was the perfect partner for QuantumFy due to its strong fintech presence in the Middle East and globally. The MENA FINTECH ASSOCIATION (MFTA) is an inclusive, not-for-profit association that fosters an open dialogue for the MENA Fintech community, shaping the future of financial services in the region.

Bolster development of the MENA fintech community
Margit Gulyas, CEO of QuantumFy
Margit Gulyas, CEO of QuantumFy

Margit Gulyas, CEO of QuantumFy, shared her thoughts on the expansion: “Entering the Middle East with our partnership with the MENA FinTech Association is a key step in our strategy. We’re looking to bring our technology solutions to a market that’s showing rapid growth in fintech. Our goal is to be more than just a participant; we want to contribute to the region’s fintech development.

“As a member of the MFTA, QuantumFy is committed to contributing to the regional fintech ecosystem by offering unique software engineering insights. Our focus is to support digital transformation in sectors such as finance and payments, providing innovative artificial intelligence, system integration platforms, and transaction monitoring for fintechs.

“This partnership is expected to bolster the development of the entire fintech community, fostering more innovative solutions and projects in the MENA region. Additionally, QuantumFy will take a leading role in the SHIFT Payments and Digital Assets working groups, collaborating with industry peers. We plan to host panel discussions, workshops, and produce reports, all aimed at advancing the industry.

Nameer Khan, chairman MENA Fintech Association and founder of FILS
Nameer Khan, chairman MENA Fintech Association and founder of FILS

Nameer Khan, chairman MENA Fintech Association and founder of FILS also gave his views saying: ”We are honoured to welcome Quantum Fy to the MENA fintech community. We believe that our association will provide an invaluable platform for the expansion and growth of their business endeavours in the region.

“In the current landscape, where digital banking activities and financial services innovation are reaching new heights across the Middle East and Africa, Quantum Fy’s strategic entrance aligns perfectly with the industry’s soaring standards. We are confident that Quantum Fy has chosen the opportune moment to establish its presence in the region, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable success that is sure to unfold as a result.”

Responding to regional needs

The move into the Middle East aligns with QuantumFy’s aim to broaden its market presence and respond to the diverse needs of different regions. The MENA Fintech Association, established in 2018, plays an integral role in the fintech industry, connecting various industry players and promoting an environment of growth and innovation.

This partnership marks a significant step for QuantumFy in its efforts to expand its operations and impact in the financial technology sector.


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