Quant Insight Augments Quantitative Macro Analysis with Predata Geopolitical Predictive Risk Signals

First of kind offering enables investors to anticipate, holistically view and prepare for the risk of geopolitical events and market moves to optimize their global macro strategies.

Quant Insight, the London-based macro analytics firm, and Predata, the New York-based predictive analytics platform, announced a new strategic partnership whereby Predata will add its global geopolitical risk signals to Quant Insight’s quantitative macro analyses framework and processes to give institutional investors and traders anticipatory insight to help optimize investments and quantify trades on assets that incorporate political risk.

Together, Quant Insight and Predata will give investors, hedge fund portfolio managers and wealth managers a more complete framework for trading today’s complex financial markets. The joint solution will help investors to better grasp the political, financial and economic factors driving asset prices via two complementary and now integrated analytic platforms. 

“Having the expertise to know which data is relevant, how to interpret that data and translate it into actionable investment ideas is crucial in today’s trading environment. We are delighted to partner with Predata to ensure all financial market participants have access to our combined analytics capabilities and evaluate both economic and geopolitical factors when choosing a trade expression that best suits their macro view,” said Mahmood Noorani, Founder and CEO at Quant Insight.

“Collaborating with Quant Insight provides a perfect application for our predictive intelligence, risk and geopolitical signals to create an anticipatory view into popular risk topics and events that investors can then translate into actionable ideas. Together, we’re delivering a powerful source of analysis to financial professionals looking for alpha strategies using alternative data, machine learning and innovative quantitative techniques,” says Hazem Dawani, CEO of Predata.

Quant Insight is a macro research firm that provides actionable quantitative analysis to hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds and wealth managers. Whether a macro money manager needs to understand what drives their FX trade or duration position, or an equity long-short fund whose bottom-up investment process needs greater insight on potential exogenous shocks, QI can help provide clear insight into the most important macro issues in global markets at any point in time. 

Predata builds models of human behaviour online using alternative data and machine learning techniques to identify and map patterns that precede major market and political events. The data and models are then transformed into risk signals, market indicators, and political and economic event predictions. Predata’s global risk intelligence has helped hedge fund portfolio managers and global macro strategists discover and quantify risk around geopolitical and market events such as attacks on UN Peacekeepers in Mali, PKK violence in Turkey, and flare-ups in tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Also, in February Predata used its platform to predict a move in Japanese Yen one week in advance of the actual USD/JPY increase. 

About Quant Insight

Quant Insight is a macro research firm that provides actionable quantitative analysis to hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds and wealth managers. Our investment expertise, combined with high-quality data, proprietary algorithms and AI driven machine learning models helps investors make sense of complex trading environments and make better investment decisions

Designed to help active managers evaluate and validate investment decisions, Quant Insight analyses data sets for 6,000 securities across all major asset classes to uncover the macro factors driving the price of the assets traded and identify regime changes before the market narrative shifts. Using the QI analytics tool, portfolio managers are now able to identify actionable trade ideas and create bespoke hedging strategies designed to enhance execution performance.

Simple to use and easy to integrate, the QI Platform ultimately offers a fact-based, smarter approach to any investment process and the ability to remain agile in a competitive environment. Launched in January 2017 following three years of technical development, Quant Insight is the result of extensive collaboration between experienced traders and macro investors, data scientists and mathematical models developed by leading academics in Cambridge University’s Astrophysics Group led by Professor Michael Hobson.

About Predata

Predata uses alternative data and predictive analytics to identify and map human behaviour online to anticipate the risk of future events. The company is building the world’s smartest platform for political, financial, and market risk intelligence. Predata’s platform enables customers to discover, quantify and act on dynamic shifts in online actions about topics of interest to them. Combined with a proprietary event database, Predata’s signals provide users with early warning for different types of risk events in any given country, operational footprint, or area of interest. 


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