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Qualitative & Affordable Mobile App Development for Startups

Startups unexpectedly occupied a place of modern features. The outcome of a startup can be predicted if to apply all the necessary tools. One of these tools is a mobile application, which can increase many factors of a project success: the audience range, the popularity of a startup and in a case of commercial intent – budget increasing. Young people make a bet on the startup contribution with their ideas and free time, but most of all they need investors. Creating a mobile app can draw the attention of those.

What is Good in a Mobile App for a Startup?

Go mobile – that is a new motto of all the modern companies, which are somehow connected with people’s engagement. Majority of the current companies develops mobile applications for being close to a client or having an ability to connect with a company member as fast as possible (if it is an incorporate app). Companies can develop mobile apps by themselves or hire iOS developer, for being sure about a professionally done application.

According to Statista, there are 178.1 billion application downloads worldwide and 189 billion U.S dollars in revenue via app-stores will be by 2020. Moving and tending to be available in any second (in other words “to be online”) increase these amount day by day. Business, communication, fast IT growing and enhancement of life expectancy push people to occupy the proactive position and to take part in their financial growth. To the pros of a mobile app for a startup we can refer big capacity to reach out app customers and app users, inform about new releases of a startup at once and directly, owning a platform for interacting with potential users.

Plenty of mobile app development companies are scattered all over the globe. Having a startup also means outsourcing, but for avoiding a painstaking of searching follow the guideline:

  1. Decide which macro-region is more preferable for you: USA, United Kingdom, Europe, India, South-East Asia, Latin America).
  2. Look for a company aiming the geolocation.
  3. Choose a platform which you want your app to work on (iOS, Android, etc.)

A basic task performed by software development company involves the process of building software. It can identify a need, design the program, and test it for issues. It may be important for you to get useful programs, to create digital solutions to problems and also it can supply your startup with data and analytical reports.

How Much Time Do People Spend on Mobile Phones?

People spend 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile phones, two-thirds of mobile minutes are spent on mobile apps. Mobile applications have replaced tablets and computers since 2016 when using of tablets reached its top position.

Addition an app as one of the features of a startup increases chances of getting popularity with some time. The challenge of attraction your target audience can be solved with this business advantage. As people spend the majority of their time using smartphones it is a good opportunity to build an app for them.

Responsive and quick apps help to engage people in scrolling or sliding it looking over the content with convenience. Clever mobile app user interface and unique vision can improve user experience for an app user. All the necessary information about your startup may be at their fingertips, that makes the mobile app a significant marketing tool.

Creating this platform for communication with your audience can at the same time influence mobile app development cost. Provide more power to your app than just a responsiveness. Applying of such things as in-adverts and launching some campaigns like Kickstarter is a possibility for you to reduce development cost.

Types of Mobile Apps

There are 3 types of mobile apps

  •         Native apps – developed for a specific platform as iOS or Android
  •         Mobile web apps – a web application for mobile devices.
  •         Cross-platform apps – a mixture of both native and mobile web apps. This app combines hybrid mobile app development and cross-platform mobile app development for compatibility with a different platform.

The native app has better performance, while the development of hybrid apps takes less time. If your startup acquires good performance, quality graphics, and pleasant UI, native application development is good for you. If there is full device access preferable go for cross-platform apps.

Project management methodologies

Time and result – that is what important for any startup, and you can’t go wrong if make a supposition that practice of good project management methodology will help your business. Startups heavily depend on certain expectations, thorough planning, and risk-reducing. Almost all successful projects rely on applied methodology, that helps manage the process of creating.

  1. Traditional – it is a sequent process of dealing with the project, from the planning to complete it. This methodology is good for large development projects.
  2. Agile – is used for extensive control of all the stages of a project. The methodology is good for changing requirements and constant feedback if the project is small with a possibility to break down it into milestones.
  3. Critical Chain – this methodology is employed for projects, which consist of task bounded to each other. Firstly should be done critical tasks, then non-critical.
  4. Scrum – similar to agile methodology. It consists of sprints, for each of them outlined a specific period of time, the task is every sprint or session should be completed within the sprint period.
  5. Adaptive – the scope of the project can change, while cost and time not.

Choosing one of these methodologies can help to achieve set goals within a short period of time and optimize all the resources that are available.

Offshore Development to Build Mobile App for Startup

The more time passes, the more the mobile industry narrows the gap between the personal and work life spheres, with the advent of more practical applications. Offshore application development services are very well known among modern companies because they help them to keep revenues and increase the efficiency of their business processes with the help of mobile commerce.

Offshore mobile development services have many advantages. You have the opportunity to hire a team of highly skilled developers who will develop an application of any complexity and scale, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer, applying modern technologies in the development.

Bottom line

Nowadays even not all the businesses considered and applied the idea of reaching their clients through their mobile devices. In such case, you can win the time and add this feature as one for the understanding your startup. It will present you in a brighter spotlight, help you build an impressive reputation among potential customers and be ahead of the competition. Whether you just launched your startup or have it for a while, a mobile app will impact mobile-savvy customers and add value to your project.



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