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Push Protocol Push Launches Native Web3 Messaging App

Push Protocol, the decentralised communication protocol for Web3, has launched a messaging app that enables native wallet-to-wallet communication between users.

Formerly called Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) before a rebrand last month, Push Protocol enables cross-chain notifications & messaging for dapps, wallets and users.

According to Push Protocol, after spending two years building a push notification service it has launched Push Chat to bring the ‘most useful, adopted, and user-friendly communication protocol for Web3’.

Harsh Rajat, CEO and co-founder of Push Protocol, is demonstrating Push Chat at today’s Polygon Connect event in Bogota, Colombia.

Rajat says: “Push Chat is uncensorable, peer-to-peer chat that will accelerate the growth and value of Web3 applications and communities alike. On the heels of two years of push notification development, we are confident that chat is a fundamental next step in the evolution of Web3 communication.”

“With the alpha launch, select users across the Push community will be able to dive into the service, test it to its limits and explore the potential it offers as we work towards wider rollout in the coming months.”

Push Chat

Alpha access, which will run until the full public launch later this year, makes the app available to:

  • Developers who hacked on Push Protocol during ETH Bogota 2022
  • Anyone with a Push Chat POAP
  • Individuals who have directly contributed to the support and development of Push Protocol in the last two years

The Push Chat alpha supports text, GIFs and images like a typical messaging application, and is decentralised and uncensorable. Upcoming features include video, group chat, payments, transfers and live chat.


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