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Primer Offers Merchants a Way Out of the Payments Processing Maze

Primer is an automation platform for payments and commerce, offering merchants the underlying infrastructure they need to build better buying experiences for their customers.

Founded in 2020 by Paul Anthony and Gabriel Le Roux, former Braintree/PayPal colleagues, the fully-remote company operates in more than 35 countries.

Here Gabriel Le Roux talks to The Fintech Times about the company’s mission to help merchants escape the payments processing maze.

Primer co-founder Gabriel Le Roux
Primer co-founder Gabriel Le Roux

In the time my co-founder Paul and I spent working at PayPal, we learned that it doesn’t matter whether you are a small or mid-sized business or enterprise retailer, one of your biggest challenges remains the same—providing customers with a frictionless checkout experience. While that sounds straightforward in theory, the reality is that most merchants still struggle to delight customers at checkout because they must navigate an increasingly complex digital payments maze.

The fragmented payments ecosystem is populated with a growing array of payment methods that consumers demand and commerce tools that merchants need to run their business.

Every new third-party connection – be it a payment method, fraud and chargeback protection tool, or data analytics service – requires its own time-consuming and complicated integration. Merchants needed a single platform that streamlines this process and unburdens them from the confines of typical payment processors’ often-rigid ecosystem, all while providing the flexibility and agnosticism they need to build their ideal payments infrastructure.

Primer steps in

In 2020, we founded Primer, the world’s first no-code payments and commerce automation platform, so that merchants could access and integrate their entire payments stack in a single framework. Primer gives merchants the ability to easily build powerful, sophisticated workflows via a simple drag-and-drop interface that coordinates all of their commerce tools and services seamlessly. Primer allows merchants across the globe to accelerate their payments roadmap, ensure a great buying experience for their customers, and use payments as a lever for growth and expansion into new markets.

Merchants integrate with Primer just once, after which they gain access to a limitless number of payment and commerce services anywhere in the world on a unified platform, with no further code required. Merchants can easily enable any payment method or commerce tool they need in minutes through Primer’s no-code framework – putting an end to costly and labor-intensive integrations with multiple providers.

Kilo Health, a digital healthcare firm recently named the second fastest growing company in Europe, wanted to “have one single integration for card payments” and “have all the tokens in one place,” according to Vytautas Sernas, Kilo Health’s head of payments. They turned to Primer to unify their payment operations after finding other ‘payment orchestrators’ lacking. Primer was able to provide them the solution they were looking for, with Kilo’s Sernas calling the platform “easy to integrate, easy to use,” while noting Primer’s intuitiveness compared to other platforms.

Market expansion

For many merchants, expanding into new markets can be daunting to downright unfeasible. Because both payment processes and customer payment preferences vary widely from region to region, businesses must navigate a maze of regulatory and technical challenges that can take months to resolve before they can accept payments and generate revenue. With Primer, merchants can turn on local payment methods in a few clicks, speeding up their entry into new geographic areas, enabling them to offer the payment methods their customers want, and helping them reach profitability more quickly.

For example, Voi, Europe’s fastest growing electric scooter and bike sharing service, needed a streamlined approach to offer a wide variety of payment methods to customers in hundreds of cities across Europe, each with unique, market-specific payment needs. Large PSPs only offered access to a few payment methods and lacked the level of customisation Voi needed to grow. “Primer has allowed us to add several payment methods without building and maintaining multiple integrations, helping us optimise our checkout experience and expand fast to new markets,” said Caroline Hjelm, VP of growth at Voi.

With one integration with Primer, Voi now connects and controls their entire payments stack – payment service providers, payment methods, mobile checkout flows – on a single platform, allowing them to build their perfect customer experience, and ultimately, convert more users into active riders.

Access to data

In addition to vastly expanding the variety of payment methods and commerce tools available to merchants, our Observability product provides critical real-time insights across the entire payments stack. Through our centralised dashboard, merchants gain access to unified sales and refund data, authorisation performance across processors, and decline rates and reasons, among other key metrics.

We also provide anomaly alerting that makes merchants aware of processing issues in real time, allowing them to quickly investigate and address the root cause. Overall, the Observability suite helps merchants boost payment success and build better businesses.

We need a new way of thinking about payments –one that doesn’t view it as a costly headache, but as a strategic opportunity that accelerates growth. Primer facilitates that opportunity, and gives every merchant the ability to transform their payments stack into a first-class product area that strengthens their business and helps them escape the payments processing maze.


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