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Philanthropy Sector’s Tech Adoption Accelerated With Launch of Philanthropy.International

An open-source, decentralised and nonprofit industry knowledge, analytics, community building and impact-matching platform has been launched to accelerate the global philanthropy economy which is currently valued at $4trillion in 2023. The company, Philanthropy.International, has completed its initial phase of inaugural mapping and profiling of the specific global ecosystem.

The company is launching an initial offering, Global Philanthropy Ecosystem IT-Platform. It offers interactive, searchable and filterable databases and profiles of 100,000 beneficiary organisations. In addition, it also shows 50,000 donors and 5,000 investors with purpose and 4,000 techno-philanthropy organisations.

Philanthropy.International is also releasing a range of interactive mindmaps. These are designed to provide users with a view of the ecosystem by sector, social cause and regional distribution.

Having a real world impact

To accelerate the ecosystem’s development, there must be an open discussion in the community with content being shared. Philanthropy.International’s platform, developed with the support of Deep Knowledge Philanthropy and AI Industry Analytics (AiiA), harnesses big data and connects stakeholders across the industry, putting communication at the forefront.

Cooperation and discussions are expected to be held among a variety of industry participants. These include: stakeholders, charities, sponsors, nonprofits, governmental organisations, volunteers, socially responsible companies, and impact investors. All of these players will be able to use Philanthropy.International’s platform to maximise efficiency and, in turn, their real-world impact.

To precisely map how regional challenges can be tackled, the solution provides organisations with tools for insights and smart matching of donors and volunteers. The platform also allows for monitoring of impact trends of NGOs in the charity sector.

The open-source platform is further complemented by a philanthropy industry big data analytics system and dashboard. Professional users seeking deeper, more specific and narrowly-focused insights will make the best use of this feature. Other features include comparative analytical capabilities, which in turn allows for advanced AI-driven analytics for monitoring the global ecosystem in a quantified and qualified manner.

Accelerating the nonprofit sector

Philanthropy.International will also be launching in the near future its Techno-Philanthropy and Impact Investment Matching Platform, a donor-project matching, funding, project launch and social networking ecosystem designed as a collaborative solution to connect charities, nonprofits, sponsors, and volunteers of the industry.

The platform will enable nonprofit organisations and projects to identify best-fit donors. Furthermore, they can access transparent charity fundraising mechanisms, and gain increased visibility of their projects among pooled networks of donors. This will allow donors to support the projects that matter most to them, donate with increased ease, discover new projects, pool their funds among larger networks of donors and access enhanced transparency mechanisms for fund allocation.

The finance, health, agriculture and energy sectors have all been revolutionised by the introduction of tech. There is no reason why philanthropy can’t follow suit. According to Philanthropy.International: “By leveraging technology, philanthropic organisations can maximise their full potential. They can become more accountable, transparent, efficient and socially impactful.

Looking to the future

The platform’s current offering of open-access products and projects is just the beginning. It will continue developing and delivering an ever-expanding scope of on-demand intelligence and analytics through in-depth data coverage. In turn, it will improve the decision-making process by various organisations and stakeholders across the sector.

Philanthropy.International’s ongoing and continually expanding profiling of the global ecosystem encompasses all approaches. Its organisational mandate is to champion the adoption and dissemination of a new paradigm of social impact known as Techno-Philanthropy.

Or, alternatively, the thesis that the adoption of modern technological solutions for governance, logistics, operations and accountability is the best and most available means for philanthropic organisations to maximise their efficiency, transparency and social impact.

With this mandate in mind, Philanthropy.International has also released a dedicated mapping of the Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem. It features interactive, filterable and searchable profiles of 4,000 Techno-Philanthropy organisations directly applying technology for maximised social impact.

Utilising AI

As one of their next major initiatives, the platform will be releasing a range of social impact performance rankings and benchmarking on the top organisations utilising AI. This is a part of the ongoing support being provided by AiiA. Furthermore, this ranking system will analyse how AI and tech companies are implementing or contributing their resources to philanthropic initiatives and projects.

Philanthropy.International will also be working with AI Industry Analytics to build a functional bridge with its Global AI Ecosystem platform. The company has stated: “We believe that there is tremendous potential for synergy between developments in the Global AI Industry and the philanthropy sphere. This is due to AI’s unprecedented potential to maximise social impact, efficiency, transparency and accountability. It is these synergies that we seek to leverage and materialise by building this bridge.”

With the help of AiiA, Philanthropy.International will be profiling additional organisations that are using a number of distinct technologies that are compliant with its Techno-Philanthropy definitional framework.

Features that will result in a high social impact performance benchmarking score include:

  • Transparency tracking and accountability mechanisms
  • Supply-chain and transparency tracking system
  • Intelligent donor-to-project smart matching system

Launched with the support of Deep Knowledge Philanthropy and AI Industry Analytics, Philanthropy.International seeks to engage with an expanded scope of partners, supporters and collaborators.


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