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Peer-to-peer insurance, a global phenomenon

[INFOGRAPHICS] Peer-to-peer protection models are multiplying and taking
the insurance world by storm. With 6 years of experience in this field, P2P
Protect Advisor – the consulting firm of the P2P Protect Europe Group –
publishes an infographics on this strong insurance trend.

Peer-to-peer insurance is on the rise. Indeed, as shown in the infographics below produced by P2P Protect Advisor, many companies are emerging all over the world. In particular, we can notice in China a boom in terms of volume, with 300 million users already at the beginning of 2020.

Peer-to-peer protection allows individuals to share risks among themselves, with a partial or total disintermediation of the insurance company. It is a model based on communities, new technologies, trust and transparency.

Peer-to-peer insurance is particularly relevant in a context of crisis such as the Covid19. Indeed, it is difficult to define premiums upfront because the rate of infection cannot be predicted exactly. Unlike traditional insurance, peer-to-peer communities can accept cost variability. Furthermore, “the impact of decisions, as soon as it materialises, can encourage members of a community to behave more responsibly, because the financial impact of unsafe behaviour will be immediately visible the following month, while the resulting individual medical risk may be ignored until it is too late,” said Tang Loaec, President of P2P Protect Europe.


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