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PayRetailers: Scale Your Payouts Effortlessly in Latin America

Latin America’s financial technology sector has experienced profound growth and fintechs are having a real impact on the region’s digitisation, innovation and economic development. PayRetailers believes that technology is a tool to improve people’s daily lives and contribute to financial and technological inclusion in Latin America.

PayRetailers is a technological payment solution provider connecting Latin American (LATAM) consumers to global companies. Headquartered in Spain and with regional offices in Malta, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, the company offers hybrid combinations of operational models that help businesses reach billion of consumers in emerging markets by accepting local payments and settling funds globally.

Here, Jose Martí, global head of sales at PayRetailers, introduces the company and how it can help companies navigate LATAM’s emerging markets.


Nowadays, global businesses need a localised payment experience that is not limited by location or borders and that suits all types of business and operating model anywhere in the world.

Operating in Latin and doing payouts in its emergent market can be a headache from a regulatory compliance and taxation perspective. However, doing payouts with a company that knows the local market like PayRetailers means expanding your business with an efficient and simple payment flow from anywhere in the world.

Eliminate risks and operational burdens in emerging markets

PayRetailers payout solution lets you pay services to your customers or end users in the region in their local currency, without requirements or hidden fees. It has a deep knowledge in the emerging markets working with local experts who benefit international businesses by adapting their payment processing to the local market needs so that businesses can focus on what truly matters: growth.

Scaling your payment operations and overcoming local challenges of paying contractors in different countries and currencies is possible both quickly and safely while expanding your business in the region.

PayRetailers’ solution is tailored for all business models and available for payments in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. We offer the possibility to scale over time with the control of your payments from simple to massive payments, which makes it easy to send money to your beneficiaries with an efficient and secure workflow.

Send from single to mass payouts easily to LATAM

We can improve your cross-border retail payment experience from one-time to recurring payments by paying your beneficiaries the way they expect to be paid. Hence, the single payout is the best format to make recurring payments to the same person.

PayRetailers also manages mass payouts with different payments methods in local currencies. This is paramount for businesses or e-commerce handling a high volume of transactions, enabling them to streamline their processes hassle-free.

What the payout workflow looks like

Our localised payment solution for Latin American customers and for global merchants is safe, quick, and easy to use for those who pay and who receive payouts.

  • Request the payout
    Instruct PayRetailers through API to issue payouts and PayRetailers notifies the changes in real time.
  •  Get paid
    PayRetailers moves funds from the merchant account to the end-user’s account.
  • Get notified
    PayRetailers notifies the end-user via API about the payment completion.

By integrating with PayRetailers, you are choosing a payout solution that fits with any business model, designed for efficient payment processing. Suitable for multiple payment methods in customers’ local currencies and localised customer support.

Our solution is adapted and designed for the unique needs of your business, guaranteeing a simplified and efficient flow, while expanding your business in Latin America. Leave it to PayRetailers and easily navigate the LATAM emerging markets like a local.

Jose Martí, global head of sales at PayRetailers,
Jose Martí, global head of sales at PayRetailers

Jose Martí is the global head of sales at PayRetailers. PayRetailers is a payment service provider that supports a wide range of payment methods via single API integration and allows global businesses to trade with buyers and increase revenue in Latin America.







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