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Paymentshield Partners with eKeeper to Integrate General Insurance Quotes

Paymentshield is today announcing a partnership that will provide mortgage advisers using eKeeper’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, with the ability to access automated and accurate general insurance (GI) quotes for their client directly from the system itself.

It will mean that the 2,200 advisers using eKeeper will have Paymentshield GI quotes delivered directly to them using data from the client’s existing mortgage application. The integration has been delivered with the intention of saving advisers more time in administration and enabling them to focus on delivering valuable advice to clients.

eKeeper provide one of the UK’s leading mortgage and protection CRM systems, with 69,000 mortgages completed by independent brokers annually using the system. This latest API integration will enable advisers to instantly offer tailored GI quotes for Paymentshield Home Insurance.

Paymentshield’s Head of Sales, Emma Green said,  “This integration will strengthen the relationship between the adviser and client, helping to support a relationship based on advice. Having GI quotes available at their fingertips enables advisers to have those important conversations about the client’s priorities and provide a more rounded and tailored service.This Integration utilises our brand new, modernised API technology and supports our strategy of working not only in the network space but also supporting the Directly Authorised and Club markets more closely. The integration between eKeeper and Paymentshield uses data already collected in the eKeeper CRM, meaning advisers can have GI quotes delivered directly into the eKeeper system, without having to rekey client information.” 

Paymentshield’s enhanced integration capability, understood to be one of the most flexible available for general insurance (GI), was launched in September 2019 and helps advisers integrate GI into their sales process more easily, by enabling them to generate a home insurance quote with just a few clicks.

David Bennett, Commercial Director of eKeeper, commented “The integration of Paymentshield provides another method for our users to service their clients.  Through our agnostic integration platform, we continue to extend sourcing options providing greater coverage of GI Products and ensuring that advisers can quickly and efficiently quote and apply, reusing data already entered into the system.  By broadening the product options available, we are delivering the tools for advisers to provide that holistic service and, ultimately, ensure better client outcomes.”

The integration will be available to advisers on the eKeeper CRM in early April 2020.


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