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Payment Personalisation Introduced to Gamers Through Xsolla Headless Checkout

Payments have evolved since the pandemic, impacting every industry making transactions. The gaming industry is no different. As the demand for customised payment grows, Xsolla, the global video game commerce company has launched an advanced payment customisation feature called Headless Checkout.

In 2018, the most popular payment method used by gamers worldwide was PayPal (26 per cent) according to Statista. However, due to personalisation becoming a top priority for consumers in 2023, Xsolla has provided game developers with a way to create a full-branded and revenue-optimised purchasing experience for their players. Headless Checkout is fully compliant while also securing payment flow.

Headless Checkout is part of the new version of Xsolla Pay Station, the company’s flagship product. There are multiple ways to build checkout experiences within Pay Station, and developers can choose any of the three integration options based on the needs of their business.

Simple monetisation 

This newest version of Xsolla Pay Station presents diverse integration options to meet the varying needs of developers and businesses. This includes Headless Checkout.

Hosted Checkout offers an immediate solution for developers seeking a fast and simple way to monetise their games. This option features a ready-to-use user interface and key customisation elements such as preset fonts, payment UI themes, and receipt email formats. These can be easily modified through the Xsolla Publisher Account. This makes Hosted Checkout a convenient and straightforward avenue for quick game monetisation.

Components Checkout offers a more seamless user experience for developers seeking greater customisation by embedding the UI directly into partner stores.

Headless Checkout provides advanced layout management and high levels of customisation by enabling developers to integrate the checkout process seamlessly into their store interfaces. API calls from Xsolla provide the necessary elements and components to create tailored payment experiences.

Developers obtain a greater level of control over both the interface and the user experience. This control is vital for increasing player engagement, fostering loyalty, and improving conversion rates.

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla,
Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla

“We’re excited to offer game developers a friction-reducing white-label payment solution that they can tailor specifically to the needs of their games and players,” said Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla. “Headless Checkout is the perfect solution for game developers that want to fully own and customise the payment experience, match their branding, and seamlessly integrate everything into the design of their games.”

Headless Checkout benefits include:
  • Highly customisable payment experience. Headless Checkout is a UI separate from the back-end functionality, allowing complete modification of the purchasing flow. Like Hosted Checkout and Components Checkout, it has built-in support for 700+ payment methods, 130+ currencies, across 200+ geographies.
  • Brand consistency. Developers can fully customise the user interface to seamlessly match and fit into the design of their games or gaming systems to provide a seamless experience for players and emphasise branding.
  • Complete ownership and control. Developers can run and manage their own A/B tests to determine which payment experiences lead to higher conversions and revenue.
  • Global security and compliance. As a merchant of record, Xsolla handles the complexity of global payments, taxes, and compliance.
  • Enhanced customer privacy and security. Headless Checkout has pre-built UI components to deal with sensitive payment details so that information does not have to interact with developers’ systems.


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