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OSOM Finance Joins Blockchain For Europe

OSOM Fnance, a human-centric fintech firm striving to transform personal finance, created by Polybius, has announced it is joining Blockchain for Europe, the Brussels-based advocacy group representing international blockchain industry participants at EU-level.

This group of industry experts and stakeholders is the result of a joint effort of crypto platforms and projects such as Binance,, and Ripple, advocating for balanced policy and regulatory governance for blockchain in Europe. In doing so, it contributes to educating and supporting European policymakers as they evaluate the future potential opportunities for Distributed Ledger Technology.

OSOM intends to collaborate with co-members under Blockchain for Europe’s initiatives to proactively engage with policymakers, regulators and other key stakeholders at both European Union (e.g. EU Commission and EU Parliament) and national level to constructively advance the discussion around crypto regulation and implementation, thereby facilitating the emergence of a flourishing crypto ecosystem in Europe.

In joining Blockchain for Europe, OSOM is keen to actively help spearhead the introduction of responsible regulation, bringing much-needed clarity, while at the same time allow for the explosion of innovation and creativity, without which the “internet of value” could not truly help remake banking, finance, and the wider economy with integrity and empowerment.

“In joining Blockchain For Europe, we are hopeful to engage in a fruitful dialogue with the regulators on the tremendous positive societal change that can come as a result of blockchain,” said OSOM co-founder Anton Altement. “We’re delighted to join Blockchain for Europe to collaborate with some of the industry’s top blockchain and crypto companies, advocating for blockchain technology, responsible regulation and tokenisation innovation in Europe.”

In welcoming OSOM, the organization’s chair, Maria Minaricova, said: “As a fully regulated crypto pioneer, OSOM’s track record in developing cutting-edge technological solutions in compliance with Estonia’s increasingly stringent cryptocurrency regulations puts the company in an excellent position to engage in constructive dialogue with regulators, helping to facilitate Blockchain for Europe’s mission.”

OSOM is also convinced that a group of fintech front-runners such as Blockchain for Europe, is best placed to showcase the strong benefits the ecosystem can bring to the EU economy, from job creation to the development of a genuine and competitive intra-EU market for trusted payments, cross-border banking and finance and e-commerce services, through Decentralised Finance.

“The EU Crypto and Blockchain ecosystem has substantially matured and is continuing to do so at an exponential rate. It offers boundless opportunities for innovation and the deployment of entrepreneurial creativity. This sector should be seen as an enabler for all of the EU’s strategic priorities and industrial policies and as such, an absolute strategic priority for the EU; putting it on par with AI, cybersecurity, energy-climate policies and more,” concluded Altement.


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