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Only 7% of Video Game Developers Are Very Interested in NFT Mechanics Finds

Everywhere you look in the world of gametech, someone is talking about NFTs and owning digital assets… or are they? has released research that found 70 per cent of video game developers have no interest in implementing NFT mechanics in their games, despite the current craze.

Only 1% Of Developers Currently Use NFTs

NFT gaming has definitely created a buzz in the gaming industry. The model allows players to earn by playing in the form of NFT tokens. In the past few months, games like Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds have become popular among NFT and gaming enthusiasts. Currently, Axie Infinity token has a market cap of $3.8billion, whereas Alien Worlds boasts of a user-base of more than a million. As per another report, NFT games generated $2.32billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2021.

Furthermore, NFT games have particularly become popular in South Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. In these countries, playing NFT games has become a legitimate way to earn an income. However, according to the annual State of the Game Industry survey, there is not much enthusiasm regarding NFTs and cryptocurrencies among the video game developing community.

As per the data available on Statista, 70 per cent of 2700+ developers surveyed said that they are not at all experimenting with NFTs in their games. However, 21 per cent of developers admitted to being ‘somewhat interested’ in implementing NFTs in their games.

Seven per cent of developers are ‘very interested’ in experimenting with NFTs, while only one per cent admitted to already using NFTs.

72% Of Developers Not Interested In Cryptocurrencies

The consensus among developers is not enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies either. In the survey, 72 per cent of developers said they don’t want to experiment with cryptocurrencies of any kind in their games.

The rest of the opinions are pretty similar to those about NFTs. 21 per cent of developers are ‘somewhat interested’, and only six per cent are ‘very interested’. Only one per cent of developers are currently implementing cryptocurrencies in their games.

Vyom Chaudhary, an editor at, “NFT games form a big part of the NFT market. However, these games have a long way to go before finding mass adaptation. Most of the user base for these games comes from countries where these games are viewed as source of income rather than source of entertainment.”


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