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Nine Dynamics CEO Talks Financial Tools, Machine Learning and Data Democratisation

JEFF SEARS, CEO, Founder and Partner Nine Dynamics writes exclusively for the Fintech Times

Nine Dynamics is a fintech company based in Calgary AB Canada. We recently launched our core ‘TITAN’ platform at the 2018 Microsoft Build Conference.

1. I’m a CFA Charterholder, and have worked for over 15 years in financial analysis, including work at the National Bank of Canada as publishing Equity Research Analyst. I soon became frustrated with the lack of finance tools available to make my job easier, and knew that there was simply a ‘better way’ to get things done. I wanted to build something that was easier to use, and drove better actionable insight, than anything available in the market. My personal interest in the fields of emerging big data, advanced analytics, interactive media, machine learning and AI, also drove the dream behind bringing TITAN to the market. Along the way, I was lucky enough to form a like-minded team of financial analysts, management consultants and technology investors that coalesced behind one major goal: to truly level the investing playing field and put a best-in-class cloud-based equities analysis tool into the investing world for everyone.

2. TITAN is the first financial analysis platform to tie together AI, advanced data science, machine learning and end-to-end cloud infrastructure, under one roof. This has been a major undertaking, and not without technical challenges. However, strong strategic partnerships with Microsoft and FactSet Data Systems have provided the technical support we’ve needed. The result? World-class power and performance to all investors. We set out to revolutionise the investing world, and we feel like we’re on our way.

3. TITAN is democratising access to data, by offering access at a fraction of the cost of industry incumbents. TITAN now provides data-driven insight, that was before only accessible to the relatively few that could afford it. Our goal has always been to put true, actionable insight into the hands of all investors. The response so far has been amazing.

4. Data democratisation is a major social goal for Nine Dynamics. While we’re still early on in our journey, we feel that TITAN will bring true investment insight and access to all investors.

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