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NICE Actimize Launches SAM-10 AML Detection Solution

NICE Actimize launches new anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) with multilayered analytics to better detect suspicious activity.

NICE Actimize is launching its suspicious activity monitoring (SAM-10) solution, which the company developed to detect more suspicious activity while reducing false positives.

In addition to this, SAM-10 introduces significant enhancements to its existing AML solution, incorporating multiple layers of defence which strengthen the others and offer comprehensive coverage and detection of suspicious activity for financial institutions.

Part of NICE Actimize’s AML suite of solutions, the new SAM-10 solution’s entity-centric AML approach delivers data to enrich profiles and multiple layers to segment, monitor and ensure that only true suspicious activity is identified.

With SAM-10, suspicious activity can be intricately understood, accurately monitored, and detected more quickly.

The solution also offers next-generation analytics, including machine learning for advanced anomaly detection, model optimisation and network risk analytics, capable of detecting suspicious relationships and transaction patterns accurately.

NICE Actimize SAM-10
Craig Costigan, CEO, Nice Actimize

“NICE Actimize’s unique, multilayered approach is a true industry differentiator that brings transaction monitoring to the next level,” comments Craig Costigan, CEO of NICE Actimize.

“For financial institutions to be more effective, monitoring technology that explores relationships with connected parties, understands suspicious connections, and accurately follows the flows of funds has become increasingly important,” adds Costigan.

Growing typologies

With its collective intelligence capability, SAM-10 optimises detection thresholds and is capable of developing new models based on industry-wide learnings, with all artefacts delivered for easy explainability and model risk management reviews.

While increasing the identification of suspicious activity, SAM-10 supports regulatory compliance and improves alignment to a risk-based approach to transaction monitoring. This approach means fewer false positives and more meaningful, truly suspicious alerts so that investigation teams can focus their efforts on risk.

Adam McLaughlin, director of AML strategy for NICE Actimize, comments: “Identifying suspicious activity in a sea of alerts has always been a challenge for transaction monitoring. The industry must change if it is to stand a chance at stopping criminals.

“That chance is now here with NICE Actimize SAM-10, an evolution in transaction monitoring. With SAM-10 we have built three layers of defences to reduce noise but uncover known and previously unknown suspicious activity.”


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