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NFT and Metaverse Space Company Begins Expansion to Middle East

A Switzerland-based company offering moments of public interest as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), MO:ME:NT, has partnered with Middle-East-focused blockchain ecosystem Crypto Oasis Ventures. The partnership aims to combine Crypto Oasis’ talent pool and financial resources with MO:ME:NT’s ecosystem for the sports and marketing industries.

The partnership sees Crypto Oasis invest in MO:ME:NT while introducing it to the local Web3 ecosystem. The move also sees MO:ME:NT expand to the United Arab Emirates with its NFTs capturing exciting well-recognised moments.

Ralf Glabischnig, founder of Crypto Oasis also joins MO:ME:NT as a new member of its advisory board. The partnership enables the NFT provider to boost its branding, community growth, and investor relations within the UAE.

MOMENT Whopper World Burger KingMO:ME:NT also gains access to Crypto Oasis’ talent and infrastructure, which is to be used to support the company gain access to new markets and a wider range of customers.

The Swiss company has already released NFTs and built metaverse spaces for various brands such as the Erste Bank Vienna Open (ATP 500), Burger King and more. MO:ME:NT created the likes of ‘Whopper World’, a space in the metaverse dedicated to Burger King.

The NFT provider has also announced projects to come including with Dutch football team FC Twente. MO:ME:NT aims to offer the opportunity to brands to automatically mint NFTs as and when a relevant event takes place.

MO:ME:NT NFTs Crypto Oasis
A selection of some of the sporting moments NFTs from the Erste Bank Vienna Open offered by MO:ME:NT
NFT and the metaverse to become ‘key players’ for online business

Glabischnig commented on the Crypto Oasis and MO:ME:NT partnership. He explained: “We are delighted to have MO:ME:NT onboard to embrace opportunities that can transform the local Web3 space. We have always been early movers. We believe Web3.0 models like NFT and metaverse are going to be the key players in the next iteration of online business.

“MO:ME:NTs can be revolutionary as brands can harness their power to create meaningful connections with their audiences and drive value. As access keys to relevant real-life experiences, they offer an easy connection to the metaverse using limitless possibilities of virtual reality. They also complement the offering of our own venture Tokengate.”

Rudy Banholzer, co-founder and COO of MO:ME:NT, also commented: “We are excited to welcome Ralf to our advisory board. We are looking forward to working with the Crypto Oasis Ventures team as we continue to grow and innovate. This partnership represents a new chapter for both of us, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

“We are committed to helping brands provide their audiences with better, more relevant, and exciting experiences. By joining the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem, we hope to leapfrog ahead by expanding our prospects, creating value, and connecting with the broader Web3 community.”


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