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News & Views Podcast | Episode 144: Generative AI Capabilities & Regulated Lending Market

On this week’s episode of News & Views, The Fintech Times Podcast team speak about Amazon Web Services launching a number of generative AI capabilities, as it looks to bolster customer experiences across industries, and ClearScore urging the UK government to support and broaden access to the regulated lending market.

The Podcast team are down a member in this week’s episode as Tom and Francis take the reigns and discuss some of the hottest topics in fintech. The duo begin by talking about Amazon Web Services’ latest artificial intelligence (AI) products and how they are impacting the consumer-merchant relationship. They analyse how much AI can be relied upon before it ends up having a negative impact on the consumer’s experience.

Having established how necessary a human touch is in finance, Tom and Francis delve into the world of lending and how UK regulations must be changed. They discuss the varying degrees of access to finance users have based on their financial backgrounds and why fintechs are so pivotal in ensuring finance is properly democratised – especially as incumbents close their doors to certain financial groups.

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Read the articles discussed in this episode:

ClearScore Calls For Change as UK Lending Market Contracts for Higher-Risk Customers

Amazon Web Services Embraces Generative AI to Help Contact Centres Improve Customer Experiences


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