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News & Views Podcast | Episode 122: Pay Parity, Cross Border Payments & Green Finance

On the News and Views podcast this week, Polly, Francis and Tom take a look at the latest in the fintech world, highlighting the barriers SMEs are facing when it comes to green finance and the concerns around the UK finance gender pay gap.

They also chat about Flutterwave’s new solution to tackle cross border payment challenges for overseas African students.

Discussion points include:

-What action should the industry take to achieve genuine pay parity?

-How fintech has revolutionised the cross border payments industry

-Should regulators get involved in the provision of Green Finance solutions to SMEs?

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Read the articles discussed in this episode:

Flutterwave Tackles Payment Challenges for African Students to Overseas Schools

Lack of Green Finance Products for SMEs Presents Opportunity for Banks and Lenders

UK Finance Pay Disparity ‘a Cause for Concern for all Companies’ as Women Paid 23% Less Than Men


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