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News & Views Podcast | Episode 121: Open Banking, Mastercard’s New Partnership & TikTok

In this week’s episode, the podcast team delves into the world of Tik Tok and #finfluencing, and how the app is transforming financial education and consumer awareness. They also took a look at Open Banking and its future potential, as well as Mastercard’s new partnership with Subaio.

Discussion topics include:

-Should we be wary of the information given over Tik Tok? Is enough being done to keep people safe?

-What challenges are holding Open Banking back?

-Should consumers have the power to directly control their subscription payments?


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Read the articles discussed in this episode:

The Rise of ‘FinTok’: How TikTok & Fintechs Are Transforming Financial Education and Awareness

Consumers Given All in One Control to Unsubscribe From Services Following Mastercard Partnership

NatWest Identifies 3 Ways to Help Open Banking Achieve its Full Potential


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