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News & Views Podcast | Episode 115: Regtech & Compliance

This week on the podcast, Polly, Tom and Francis were joined by Tom Padgett of Smarsh, where the conversation delved into the world of regulation and compliance as we examined the latest in the fintech industry.

Tom is the general manager of the Smarsh Enterprise business, which serves the needs of the largest global banks and financial services organisations.

With the regulatory, and therefore Regtech, landscape ever changing, the team dived into the subject, discussing how innovative technologies, including AI, have a role to play as the industry strives to create stronger, safer financial ecosystems.

Discussion points included:

-How can banks strike a balance between the risks and rewards of incorporating disruptive technologies into their operations?

-How has the Regtech landscape changed since the Covid-19 pandemic?

-What does compliance mean to financial institutions?


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