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News & Views Podcast | Episode 104: Investment Scams & Banks’ Financial Inclusion

News & Views Podcast
Episode 104: Investment scams & Banks’ financial inclusion

This week on the News and Views podcast, Tyler and Francis are joined by a very special guest for the first time as they discuss the latest in the world of fintech.

Joined by Thomas Bleach, a journalist at The Fintech Times, the trio delve into the nature of investment scams and the FCA’s latest findings on their obvious nature, in addition to the extent of financial inclusion in banking for those suffering from neurodiverse conditions. Tom also shares his view on how has he felt most interesting in the fintech industry since joining it.

Topics discussed include:

  •  It is recognised that 34% of investors said that they recognized scams just based on obvious mistakes and the material. What are some of the ways scammers are trying to trick people into falling for their investment scams or banking frauds? How are our investors spotting red flags?
  • A case study from Mahalo Banking – are banks and financial organisations doing enough to be inclusive to existing customers?

And much more!

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