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News & Views Podcast | Episode 101: Cryptocurrency & Retail Banking

News & Views by The Fintech Times ep.101:
Cryptocurrency & Retail Banking

On the podcast this week, hosts Polly Jean Harrison and Tyler Pathe enter into the world of cryptocurrency, specifically looking at Ethereum crypto staking and the benefits it can have on the market. They also touched on retail banking and how the current landscape is shaping up for incumbents and challengers.

Topics discussed include:

    • Bitcoin Suisse, a company based in Switzerland, will now provide the service of liquid staking for Ethereum within its local market. This comes as the company becomes a member of the Liquid Collective. Is liquid staking the future of crypcocurrency? 
    • Are traditional banks still falling behind or are they catching up?
    • Will there ever be a winner to the compete or collaborate debate in banking?

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