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‘New Model’ Industry Association Networks Blockchain with Frontier Tech

The UK’s new blockchain and frontier technologies industry association launches at London Blockchain Week.

The BBFTA (British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association) launched today (Monday 11th February) at Fintech Worldwide’s London Blockchain Week and is already attracting the attention of senior industry figures from across the globe.

According to Founding Chair Barry James, Blockchain technology is set to remake not just money and the financial system, but the entire internet and so the world – but not in isolation. 

“It’s doing this by providing the trustworthy backbone on which other established and frontier technologies can build. This is happening very rapidly across a wide range of industries which is why we need a new model association – open to the world and with a new online network at its core.

“A network that can help not just bring people together and disseminate use cases and best practice but also help catalyse new initiatives, ventures, consortia and groupings. Helping lead the world into a new era.”

The association’s founders have been working together with industry leaders from a broad range of sectors to create an association to represent, and network, the industry as a whole. BBFTA Founder Helen Disney, CEO of Unblocked Events, commented;

“2019 is set to be a very exciting time in blockchain. We’re listening to our members more than ever and what we’re hearing loud and clear is the need to see blockchain projects out there in the real-world. We have some very exciting partnerships and new services to announce with corporate members in the coming days.

“Membership has grown rapidly pre-launch and feedback and research has enabled us to build a unique platform that enables members to network, collaborate on mutually beneficial projects and to build new ventures.” says Sharon Henley, Founder and Marketing Director at the BBFTA,

“Our research revealed overwhelming interest from members to network together to integrate and leverage Blockchain across the wider range of Frontier technologies and solutions. These include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AI, Drones, IoT, Machine Intelligence and Autonomous vehicles – and of course fintech. According to Dr Jane Thomason, Founder of BBFTA and Global Nomad at Blockchain Quantum Impact,

“We are just beginning to understand the possibilities out there right now and excited to know that our members will be at the forefront of the paradigm shift as it happens. It is already causing seismic shifts in thinking within a range of business. There are valuable synergies when two or more innovative and ground-breaking technologies come together. The newly formed BBFTA will be right there at the forefront, supporting our members through their journeys into the a new digital age.”


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