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New Fintech Startup Unveils World’s First Time-Travelling Cryptocurrency

Fintech startup ChronosCoin has launched a revolutionary new cryptocurrency: a digital currency that can travel through time. The groundbreaking release has caused shockwaves across the fintech industry.

People can purchase ChronosCoin and then send it back in time to their past selves, allowing them to make investments or trades with future knowledge.

The innovative company claims that ChronosCoin uses advanced quantum encryption technology to send encrypted messages through time, and that it has already been tested successfully in a closed beta trial.

ChronosCoin CEO, Martine McFlyer, said: “We believe that ChronosCoin is going to revolutionise the world of finance. With the ability to invest with future knowledge, our users will have an unprecedented edge in the markets.”

“The name ChronosCoin is derived from the word ‘chronos’, which means ‘time’ in Greek, and is a fitting name for a cryptocurrency that claims to travel through time.”

Rich from crypto

One ChronosCoin user, Buford Tanningbed, who claims to have used the cryptocurrency to make a successful trade told The Fintech Times: “I can’t believe it – I just made a fortune thanks to ChronosCoin. I sent some ChronosCoins back in time to my past self, and I knew exactly which cryptocurrency was going to skyrocket in value. It was like having a crystal ball.”

However, ChronosCoin’s claims have met with scepticism from industry experts. Some have pointed out that time travel is not possible, and that the idea of a cryptocurrency that can travel through time is not only implausible but also potentially fraudulent.

“Great Scott! These claims are pure hogwash,” said Dr Emmeline Brown, a leading fintech researcher at a top university. “The idea that a digital currency could travel through time and provide users with future knowledge is not only scientifically impossible, but it’s also potentially dangerous. This is a textbook case of the kind of wild and irresponsible marketing that gives the fintech industry a bad name.”

Doc Brown continued: “ChronosCoin is clearly trying to capitalise on the hype surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but their claims are nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to attract gullible investors. If anyone believes they can actually send digital currency back in time, they’re likely to end up losing a lot more than just their investment.”

McFlyer said the company was aware of the concerns but was confident that its technology was safe and effective. She added that it was already working on a new product, a teleporting bank account that can instantly transfer money across the world by quantum entanglement. It has dubbed the project April Fool.


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