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The new edition is here! #10

Cover story: Foreign Aid Blockchain + Tech sector opinions


345 Working Days  to GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation replacing the current Data Protection Act impacts every tech and finance company

Bank Passporting

Is UK is likely to lose it’s passporting rights to the EU single market when (if) it leaves the EU


The government needs to chart a fresh start for her troubled relationship with Europe

PEPPER come closer

“In Japan I’m a boy, in other places I’m more feminine. But my gender is Robot.”


Can the natural world offer valuable Insights for fintech?

Regtech Investments 

London is set to lead

Fin-essence City Life

New monthly lifestyle column

Greening Fintech

New monthly lifestyle column Innovation to address the environmental issues

Professionally Ethical

Disruptive business models for the charity sector will allow us to do more good


and many more


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