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New Crypto Casino Content To Be in the Spotlight of iGaming Providers in 2022 Finds BGaming

The emergence of crypto has benefitted multiple sectors, most notably in remittances as more and more workers abroad are able to send money home without having to pay extortionate fees. However, another sector that has been able to benefit from the crypto boom is online gambling. Observing the expansion of the crypto space, BGaming highlights the most significant trends that influenced the iGaming industry

Engaging mechanics

The changing market requires iGaming providers to be innovative and flexible. The growth of crypto gambling has led to new trailblazing mechanics. One of the examples is “crush”. With the multiplayer mode, this kind of game gained popularity quickly and remains in demand among operators and especially crypto players.

Space XY by BGaming is a crash multiplayer game that recently appeared in casinos worldwide. The game has become a part of a game package for crypto projects.

“We see that crypto projects are an integral part of online gambling. Space XY is not just a new popular crash game. It opens for us a whole new horizon of multiplayer mechanics games that will rock in upcoming years.” noted Kate Puteiko, CS Marketing Manager at BGaming.

Simple yet eye-catching

The crypto boom brings new vision to the game design making hypercasual style hyper-popular. The super-simple interface combined with uncomplicated graphics makes the game fast and convenient for any device.

Aleksey Ulanov, Lead Designer at BGaming: “Hypercasual style was invented by programmers who didn’t worry about design. At the same time, hypercasual games work well on slow phones and don’t require high Internet speed. It’s very suitable for quick games”.

Provably Fair

The algorithm based on cryptography allows players to verify the game’s results, making online gambling safer. According to statistics, Provably Fair games save top positions much longer than others. BGaming was the world’s first to offer a unique verification system for online slots. It helped to increase the players’ loyalty to online casino games.

“BGaming’s Provably Fair system unites the best aspects from the existing alternatives. We wanted to offer something extra besides the games, and we were smart enough to adjust our system to the best user experience,” commented Marina Ostrovtsova, Director at BGaming.

All kinds of content for crypto casinos, the interest in which is growing, will be for sure in the spotlight of iGaming providers in 2022.

“We’re working on a package of crypto dice games and will offer operators new versions of Plinko, Rocket Dice, Head and Tails. We strive to meet all the market tendencies, and we see that these products will be in demand,” highlighted Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev Department at BGaming.


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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