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Nebeus Sets Sights on Banking for the Unbanked with £1.1M Fundraiser

Nebeus, the London-based fintech platform which is working to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat finance through the use of blockchain technology, has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the ambition of bringing borderless banking to the 2 billion people across the globe who currently struggle to access banking services.

Nebeus’ work to bring future-proofed, innovative services to the unbanked is set to be boosted with the launch of their latest crowdfunding campaign which went live on Crowdcube today and has already attracted over £400,000 of their £1.1m target. 

Nebeus was founded in 2014 and the platform went live at the end of 2017. Thanks to their borderless approach to financial transactions and remittances, they have already enabled the transaction of €34 million and facilitated £1.9m in P2P bitcoin loans to date. Nebeus also operates an open API, meaning their infrastructure is being incorporated into wider payments systems across the world.

With this latest investment, the team behind Nebeus aims to obtain e-money license from the FCA and bring their services to an even wider audience; boosting their credentials as the sector leader in P2P crypto loans, enabling more people to create user-friendly crypto wallets, helping customers avoid eye-watering remittance charges (which currently have an average charge of 7%), and widening the use of their Nebeus card to allow for seamless crypto to fiat transactions via ATMs, online, or in retail settings.

Konstantin Zaripov, Co-Founder and Director of Nebeus, comments:

This campaign marks an important moment not just for Nebeus but for financial services globally. Through our tried and tested model, we want to modernise banking and put power in the hands of consumers the world over. Our mission is to simplify the consumption and development of financial products based on blockchain and smart contract technology.

 “With this crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to further our mission of creating an inclusive, borderless global economy. We have a strong track record and an existing community of over 60,000 users who have created 30,000 wallets on our platform. In the last few months, we’ve been able to integrate with local payment corridors for over 400m consumers in Africa. Following this fundraise, we are looking to accelerate our plans to expand this to Europe, Asia & South America, empowering more people and allowing them to be part of the future of finance.

 “We want to create an ecosystem where those who add value are rewarded, and those who consume services and products can do so in a competitive and secure environment, built on blockchain technology. Our current campaign will bring us a step closer to achieving this.”

The World Bank estimates that the potential market value of the 2 billion global unbanked, which includes 138 million Europeans, is £380 billion.



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