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Navigating the Future at the World Blockchain Summit Dubai: A Two-Day Journey

The World Blockchain Summit Dubai in November 2023 was an engaging two-day event that brought together industry experts, innovators and enthusiasts from around the world. The event provided a deep dive into the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets as well as other technologies shaping our future. 

Day One: morning

The first session, ‘The State of Blockchain: 2023 and Beyond’, set the stage for what lay ahead. It offered a comprehensive overview of the current blockchain landscape, trends and its transformative potential.

In an interview with Kevin Soltani, co-founder of GIMA Group, we gained valuable insights into the crypto  and blockchain landscape in Dubai. With a focus on pre-seed and seed investments in the blockchain and digital asset space, Soltani shared his perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the region.

A focus on ‘DeFi: Revolutionising Finance’ came next. Attendees had the opportunity to explore how decentralised finance is reshaping the financial industry. Discussions revolved around the principles of DeFi, its impact on traditional banking, and the rise of new financial ecosystems.

‘Exploring Digital Identity and Privacy’ highlighted the importance of secure and private digital identities in an increasingly digital world. Attendees gained insights into the technologies and strategies employed to protect user privacy while maintaining the benefits of digital identity.

Afternoon sessions

The afternoon began with an exploration of ‘Blockchain for Supply Chain’, shedding light on how blockchain technology can enhance transparency, traceability and trust in supply chain management.

Digital transformation and blockchain adoption was another key topic that examined how various industries are adopting blockchain. The session looked at the barriers and opportunities for blockchain integration and emphasised the need for user-friendly interfaces and educational initiatives to bridge the knowledge gap.

The day concluded with a session on ‘Blockchain for Social Impact’, highlighting the myriad ways blockchain technology is being harnessed for social good, from humanitarian efforts to environmental conservation.

Day two

The second day of the World Blockchain Summit Dubai delved into the future of digital assets, innovation, and empowerment. In our interview with Elodie Robin, head of growth and strategy at Hub71, she describes Hub71’s remarkable journey in building a thriving digital asset ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. With a focus on regulation, community support, and a commitment to a shared vision, Hub71 is paving the way for the region’s digital asset revolution.

A session on the ‘Transition from Fringe to Mainstream’ explored the landscape of digital assets, venture capital trends for 2023 and the role of developing economies in embracing digital assets.

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) also came under scrutiny with insights into the technical aspects of CBDCs and their role in facilitating efficient and secure cross-border transactions. While the rise of stablecoins focused on the design considerations and infrastructural challenges of stablecoins in decentralised systems.

‘Blockchain in Government and Public Services’ was another topic that examined the role of blockchain technology in revolutionising government services. Attendees delved into real-world use cases where governments are leveraging blockchain for more transparent and efficient public services.

In our interview with Mo Ali Yusuf, CEO at Fuze, he said “In recent times, the cryptocurrency sector has faced

substantial hurdles, particularly in the United States. This has compelled many US-based companies to explore alternative jurisdictions and licensing options to sustain their growth. The ripple effect of this shift has led to the emergence of innovative solutions globally, including non-USD based stablecoins, aimed at addressing these challenges.”

The two-day World Blockchain Summit Dubai was a testament to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem’s innovation, growth and boundless potential. It served as a stepping stone in their journey to explore the myriad opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the blockchain and digital asset space.


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