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Naveen Bharadwaj, Group CEO of Trescon, Shares Achievements in 2023 and Vision for 2024

In a recent interview with Mark Walker, editorial director at The Fintech Times, Naveen Bharadwaj, the group CEO of Trescon, shared insights into the company’s achievements in 2023 and outlined its strategic vision for 2024.

Trescon, established in 2016, has become a leader in organising future technology events that connect businesses with opportunities, primarily in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asian markets. The company runs events focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain, sustainability, and more, with flagship brands like the World AI Show and the World Blockchain Summit.


In 2023, Trescon successfully brought together over 28,000 senior decision-makers worldwide through various events, creating a positive impact by fostering collaborations, driving innovation, and facilitating business opportunities. Notable achievements include launching the Digital Acceleration and Transformation Expo (Date) and establishing the Trescon Foundation, which focuses on social initiatives.

One significant initiative was Smart 1000, aiming to transform over 1000 government schools in rural India, providing basic infrastructure, hygiene, and equipping classrooms with interactive digital learning technologies.

Bharadwaj highlighted the challenges faced by the company, particularly in consolidating smaller events into larger, impactful gatherings. Additionally, the emphasis was placed on overcoming hiring and talent retention challenges in the fast-paced event industry.

As the Group CEO, Bharadwaj acknowledged the need for aligning the team with his leadership style and vision, emphasising a commitment to detailed processes, hands-on involvement, and a refusal to settle for the mundane.

Looking ahead to 2024, Bharadwaj shared his opinions on emerging trends, predicting the mainstream adoption of technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital currencies. He emphasised the increasing role of technology in addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the growing focus on bridging the digital divide in developing nations.

Trescon’s growth plans for 2024 revolve around their Vision 2025 strategy, focusing on event consolidation, investments in emerging technology and sustainability, and impactful social initiatives. The company aims to institutionalise investments, potentially establishing its venture capital fund, while continuing to expand its footprint in the AI and marketing verticals.

Bharadwaj concluded the interview by expressing Trescon’s commitment to making a positive impact on the economy and society at large, ensuring that social considerations are deeply integrated into their plans and goals. The vision for 2024 is to stay busy and entertained by executing impactful initiatives and achieving strategic milestones.

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  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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