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National Experts Program Launches 13 AI Reports to Help Advance Sectors Across the UAE

With it projected that AI could contribute $320billion to the Middle East economy in 2030, the National Experts Program (NEP) has launched 13 reports written by its participants, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of embracing its technologies to help address challenges and accelerate growth in the UAE’s key national sectors.

The in-depth reports focus on how emerging AI technologies could disrupt and propel sectors that are strategically important to the development of the UAE, with NEP 3.0 participants analysing ways in which their respective sectors can leverage the technologies effectively. The participants gained an understanding of AI as part of NEP’s ‘AI Journey’ through engaging workshops and sessions.

Abu Dhabi’s dedicated AI university, Mohamed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) helped equip the participants with crucial AI knowledge including organising a two-day visit to the institution where they saw the applications and innovations of AI.

The reports explore topics aligned with key economic sectors that are of strategic importance to the UAE: economic development; health and well-being; policy and government services; community development and social services; mobility and logistics; education; tourism and hospitality; culture; food and water security; and advanced sciences and research.

Among the topics examined in the reports are: the applications of AI in wildlife ecology, including marine research and conservation; the role that AI can play in changing the dynamics of the space sector to tackle national and international challenges; as well as how AI can empower microgrids and reinvent electricity markets.

The reports come at a time in which the UAE is accelerating its efforts in adopting advanced technologies with government entities using AI in vital sectors and keeping in line with digital advancements.

Giving “a new perspective from the leaders of tomorrow”

Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, director of the National Experts Program, also commented: “At a time where AI is already transforming every industry and is developing rapidly, it is imperative to be one step ahead and understand the impact these advanced technologies can have on our future and how they can affect the way we work or live.

Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, director of the National Experts Program, UAE AI
Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, director of the National Experts Program

“Therefore, the NEP 3.0 curriculum was carefully planned to include AI as part of the learning journey where the country’s future leaders had the opportunity to enhance their understanding and learn from experts throughout the program.

“By applying their own learnings to their AI reports, these papers reflect great insight on a wide range of vital areas such as space, transport, and health, exploring the meaningful role that AI can play on these sectors.

“As the UAE continues its efforts to build and advance its knowledge-based economy, these AI reports not only give a new perspective from the leaders of tomorrow but their expertise offers a fresh approach of how day-to-day operations can be enhanced in the various sectors.”

Since being established in 2019, NEP has helped develop 61 Emirati specialists across 43 sectors enhance their knowledge, enrich their leadership skills, and contribute to strategic projects of national importance.


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