SoePay is a new contactless payment solution developed by SPECTRA Technologies and MYPINPAD.
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MYPINPAD and SPECTRA Launch Contactless Payments Solution for Hong Kong SMEs

MYPINPAD, a PCI-certified payments software solution, together with Hong Kong-based payment terminal manufacturer and payment solution provider SPECTRA Technologies, have recently announced the launch of a software-based contactless payments solution for smart devices, aiming to revolutionise the customer experience for small and micro-merchants in Hong Kong.

SPECTRA Technologies, a technology partner with MYPINPAD, has developed SoePay, a ubiquitous SoftPOS solution for accepting contactless Visa and Mastercard payments on any Android smartphone. SoePay is a mobile payment solution that eliminates the need for Point-of-Sale rental and provides an affordable and secure way for small and micro-merchants to accept card payments.

Head of Asia Pacific at MYPINPAD, Morten Hofstad commented: “MYPINPAD’s contactless payment software is the first to be globally certified by PCI to accept contactless payments on smart devices without requiring additional hardware. With Hong Kong so prominent in Asia for contactless payments, we are privileged to work with such a tech-savvy company, like SPECTRA Technologies, to deploy their solution and increase the reach of contactless payments in the country. This is just the start of MYPINPAD’s payments software presence in APAC as we continue to deploy solutions elsewhere in the region over the coming months. We very much look forward to growing our partnership with SPECTRA Technologies in developing secure payments and enhancing the customer experience.”

This is a significant step in mobile payment acceptance for Hong Kong. By transforming mobile devices into payment terminals, SoePay enables merchants to securely accept payments from cards and mobile devices in many situations where cash is needed, such as at events, markets and outdoor stalls.

Damien Chow, Director of Digital Payment, Spectra Technologies: “SoftPOS is a key strategic initiative of SPECTRA Technologies to make payment acceptance safe, affordable, frictionless and hassle-free for our customers. We’re proud to be the first in Hong Kong to launch a SoftPOS solution that supports Visa and Mastercard contactless payment. We look forward to the further evolution of SoePay and accelerating contactless adoption in Hong Kong and Asia with MYPINPAD.”

Established in 1993, SPECTRA Technologies provides payment terminals and aftersales services with customers including KFC, 7 Eleven, H&M, and Shangri La Hotels and Restaurants. It exports products and holds partnerships in more than 65 countries and is a key promoter in Asia for cash to e-payment.

Helena Chen, Managing Director, Hong Kong and Macau, Mastercard: “Mastercard is thrilled to join forces with MYPINPAD and SPECTRA to further expand the Mastercard Tap on Phone acceptance network with the launch of the new SoePay solution. The new partnership is in line with Mastercard’s ongoing commitment to promote contactless payment across the city and to support local SMEs’ future development through digitalisation.”


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