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Mother Nature’s hit reset whilst community spirit is making a welcome return…

The warning signs have been there for years, becoming more regular, more damaging and more pronounced, yet we still didn’t listen. Mother Nature has had enough and is showing us who really is boss.

At the start of this year, Australia was on fire, killing almost half a billion animals, whilst huge parts of England and Wales were underwater and not for the first time.

Greta Thornberg, the 17-year-old activist who has had a huge impact on raising the awareness of climate change amongst both young and old alike, was largely ignored.

And then Covid-19 hit.

Agnostic to race, religion, age and gender Coronavirus doesn’t care who you are

Agnostic to race, religion, age and gender Coronavirus doesn’t care who you are, who you vote for or the size of your wallet and it has affected the human race in an unprecedented way.

As I write this, Boris Johnson has just been tested positive. No-one is safe.

Currently, over 500k cases of coronavirus worldwide, across more than 130 countries have killed over 24,000 people; 65% of those from just 3 countries; Italy, Spain, & China.

Government action in response to the pandemic has resulted in :

The world is in disarray.

But there has been some light…the environment has improved, and quickly.

There has been a huge drop in air pollution, as industrial factories close and traffic halts. All key emitters of nitrogen dioxide. Milan and other parts of northern Italy have seen a fall by about 40% since the country went into lockdown on 9 March. Similar improvements have been seen across many cities worldwide

Pollution levels in China in 2019, left, and 2020. Photograph: Guardian Visuals / ESA satellite data

Fish and swans have returned to the Venetian canals, for the first time in decades

And community spirit is making a welcome return.

Last night at 8 pm the nation opened their windows and doors to give a much deserved applaud to the NHS. My family and I joined in and I found it quite emotional – not since the 2012 Olympics have I felt such a sense of community.

Clap for carers

Neighbours are talking to each other, helping the elderly and sick with necessities and families are spending quality time together. Shopping local is the only choice, helping small businesses, where possible. More than half a million people in the UK volunteered to help the NHS in 24 hours (the initial target was 250k).

Parents have become teachers, whilst juggling work, (if fortunate to keep employment) and running the home and largely keeping the British sense of humour intact (if my WhatsApp group is anything to go by and the memes circulating).

When this is all over, will we be in a new world? One where community is king, empathy and mutual respect are universal and gratitude is the new happiness.

I for one hope so.

#stayhome #staysafe #clapforourcarers #thankyouNHS


By Alan Walsh


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