Moneyhub offers 6 months free access to its award-winning money management app

  • Moneyhub extends free trial period from one to six months for new users

  • Existing users can extend subscription for six months free

  • More important than ever for customers to have simple, high visibility, easy access and control over all their finances

  • Moneyhub’s enterprise clients are accelerating their digital plans and client onboarding in order to help more people faster in troubled times

Open Finance platform Moneyhub is now offering existing and new users free access for six months. This will give people time while at home to gain insight and control over finances and enable proactive, informed decision making during these difficult times.

The Moneyhub direct consumer app uses Open Finance to enable people to oversee all their financial information in one place, from current accounts to pensions. AI-powered smart nudges help people make informed, independent financial decisions by suggesting possible savings that can be made. For example, the app will spot abnormalities and surface them for review in terms of spending habits and behaviour, which also makes it easier to spot unexpected bank charges, forgotten subscriptions and even potential fraudulent activity.

During this time of uncertainty, it will be even more important for people to have intelligent and personalised insight enabling informed, positive action. Moneyhub aims to help everyone make the most of their money and the various government backed initiatives available to help them through these uncertain times.

Moneyhub recently reported that it had expanded the team following a successful 2019. With an increase in enterprise customers advancing their digital plans forward and Moneyhub’s direct propositions, the aim is to help the financial lives of one million consumers in the UK over the next six months.

Samantha Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub, said: Now, more than ever, people want and need to take control of their money as the economy rapidly changes and people’s personal finances are being significantly impacted. We hope that by making Moneyhub’s money management app free for six months we’ll be helping more people to navigate the changes and be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to their finances.”

“Free access to Moneyhub will let individuals set up alerts, budgets, sweep money between accounts and keep track of their spending, saving and investments at a glance. With this approach, Moneyhub will provide money management support to many new and all existing users.”


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