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Money20/20 Meet Ups: Enterprise Estonia in Amsterdam

One of the first in-person events to launch after the global pandemic, Money20/20 Europe took place in Amsterdam during late September 2021. During the show, The Fintech Times caught up with a number of companies to chew the fat over what the last 18-months looked like for them and what the key focus was now.

This time, both the team from Enterprise Estonia and Ando Leppiman, the Secretary General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia, caught up with both Editorial Director Mark Walker and Editor-in-Chief Gina Clarke.

Established in 2000, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is an Estonian governmental agency that supports:

  1. Business model development and innovation acceleration
  2. Trade development
  3. Raising foreign direct investments
  4. Attracting foreign talent
  5. Developing tourism.

With offices in 17 foreign markets, Enterprise Estonia serves as a bridge between the Estonian business environment and the world.


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