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Money20/20 Europe Puts Spotlight on Humans and Intelligent Machines

Money20/20, one of the world’s biggest fintech shows, returns to Europe thisJune, with the spotlight on the dynamic relationship between humans and intelligent machines.

Taking place in Amsterdam from 4 to 6 June, more than 350 speakers will take to the stage with leaders hailing from global banks such as Deutsche Bank and ING; fintech players such as Adyen and Revolut, senior representatives from the European Central Bank and the European Commission, and blockchain solution providers such as Ripple.

Experts sharing their insights will also include Wirecard whistleblower Pav Gill and tech evangelist Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau of the Netherlands.

AI firms including Mistral AI, Datasnipper and Deeploy, alongside executives from the world of cryptocurrency including Kraken and Fireblocks, plus companies such as Nvidia and AWS will also be at the event at the RAI in Amsterdam.

Main theme

Under the theme of ‘Human X Machine’, Money20/20 Europe 2024 will explore the relationship between humans and intelligent machines, focusing on how the partnership between artificial and human intelligence will forge a new era in finance.

Scarlett Sieber, Money20/20’s Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, says: “I’m delighted to welcome such esteemed powerhouses in the world of finance to what promises to be our biggest and most impactful show in Europe yet. As I will discuss with Former French President François Hollande in our fireside chat, Human X Machine encapsulates the essence of our rapidly evolving financial landscape and underscores the critical intersection of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence in shaping our financial future.

“The power of the Money20/20 platform is that the collective ecosystem of money at the most senior level comes together to have active discussions on the most important topics, breaking news, and work together to pave the way for a more resilient and inclusive financial ecosystem.”

Speaker Pav Gill, also commented: “Speaking at Money20/20 Europe is more than an opportunity; it’s a reflection of a journey that took me from the heart of the Wirecard scandal to the helm of Confide. Unveiling one of finance’s largest deceptions wasn’t just about exposing truths; it was about sparking change. At Confide, we’re building the future of business integrity, using technology to ensure that the lessons learned from Wirecard and the many other scandals pave the way for a more accountable and transparent industry. I look forward to sharing this mission and inspiring action towards a culture where ethics and technology intersect to create safer business environments for all.”

Key topics

Sessions at Money20/20 Europe will revolve around five key topic areas within the show’s Human X Machine theme. They are as follows:

  • A Customer Universe of One: Finance is becoming a Universe of One; A place where hyper-personalisation occurs at a microscopic level across every touchpoint.
  • The Age of Atomic Finance: The Universe of One is made possible by monumental technological advancements, from artificial intelligence and cryptography to quantum computing. These leaps in technology have delivered atomic-level precision, unlocking the potential for a Universe of One.
  • Meet the Architects: From the leaders of trailblazing startups to changemakers in agile incumbents, we’ll showcase the architects of the new dawn; the visionaries who create new landscapes for our financial futures.
  • Signal Vs Noise: The pace of financial innovation continues accelerating, fueled by emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and Web3. Yet visionary breakthroughs live alongside hype-driven tangents. We need voices committed to elevating discourse and realising technology’s potential through innovation geared towards progress.
  • The Business of Money: Hear from founders, key decision makers, consultants, investors, and disruptors. We’ll delve into the actions that led to success, and just as crucially we’ll carry out an audit on the activities that produced undesirable outcomes.

You can check out Money 20/20 Europe’s full agenda online.


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