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Money 2020’17 VS Money 2020’18

We remember the main topics of the event in Copenhagen last year. Let’s have a look at how it compares with the new agenda!

2017 focus:

  • Commerce becomes increasingly connected
  • Immediacy is everything
  • The ideal authentication process must be invisible
  • Data is the oxygen of our financial lives
  • The shifting narrative as startups become more open to work with incumbents
  • Technologies with connection to financial inclusion to drive wealth and the rise of cashless economy
  • An engagement between startups and established players is becoming a trend
  • Decentralised technology and its promise to the world
  • Crypto bubble and overhype
  • Sandbox: to be or not to be

2018 focus:

  • Blockchain and its real life application
  • Creating a trusted digital identity to improve customer experience (biometrics, blockchain etc)
  • Decentralised paradigm of financial world and smart contracts economy
  • Crypto market transitioning from the ‘Wild West’ to more regulation
  • Open banking as a new opportunity for customers and fintechs
  • Innovations pushing regulators to change their strategies: everything should be better, faster, and cheaper.
  • Sandbox as a tool to put a jurisdiction on the fintech map and to attract
  • New wave of incumbent banks driving innovation forward by increasingly integrating a startup mindset

Connected world and IOT as a part of our lives

Kate Goldfinch, editor at The Fintech Times


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