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Money 20/20: highlights

The Fintech Times participates at Money 20/20 Europe (Copenhagen) as a media partner. We are happy to share the brightest moments, soundbites and thoughts from this amazing fintech event:

“We need to work together to commercialise blockchain”
Dr Won-Pyo Hong, President, Samsung SDS

“As a consumer, my ideal authentication process is nothing”
Philippe Vallée, CEO, Gemalto NV

“Immediacy is everything”
Giulio Montemagno, General Manager, Europe, Amazon Pay

“We’ve been sitting on our network for 20/30 years and it took innovators to come along and realise the vision for it”
Jim McCarthy, EVP, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Visa

“If there’s one thing we’ve learnt at Google it’s that there’s always value in shaving off that extra millisecond”
Gerardo Capiel, Director of Product Management, Consumer Payments, Google

“The balance of power has shifted. Who’s more powerful than the CEO? The customer”
Gemma Godfrey, Founder & CEO, Moola

“You don’t have to be first. You just have to be best.”
“I can’t wait for a time when plastic doesn’t exist.”
Jack Dorsey, CEO & Founder, Square

“It’s difficult to know where to place your bets… But it’s foolish to think you can do it all yourself… In this interconnected world… we need to collaborate.”
Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK

“The principal of innovation is a simple one… It is more about our customers’ innovation than where to buy levitra online in canada about ours… What we can do to help their business in the next 5-10 years?”
Wiebe Draijer, Chairman Executive Board, Rabobank

“Millennials would rather go to the dentist than go to a bank”
Carlos Torres Vila, CEO, BBVA

“Data is the oxygen of our financial lives… the people that manage it best will be the winners.”
Antony Jenkins, Executive Chairman & Founder, 10x Future Technologies

“In March 2018, Money20/20 Asia will bring together an unprecedented senior level group of speakers and delegates to connect, inspire and learn.”
Hannah Redfern, Event Director, Money20/20 Asia

“What matters is using technology to drive financial inclusion and a cashless society.”
Rita Liu, Head of EMEA, Alipay

“I love talking to entrepreneurs… What they’re doing is disaggregating traditional financial services and reimaging how to deliver these products and services.”
Jonathan Larsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An Group; Chairman & CEO, Ping An Global Voyager Fund

“Do not manage innovation to exception. We want to build a system where innovation is a natural outcome.”
Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“By design, the Internet is borderless… but when it comes to online commerce we’ve grafted borders back on the map…”
Will Gaybrick, Chief Financial Officer, Stripe

Kate Goldfinch, editor of The Fintech Times,

from Copenhagen, Money 20/20 Europe


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