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Blockchain App Store Issues Call to Arms for Developers

Modex – the world’s first App Store for blockchain – has issued a call to arms for blockchain developers to test its free blockchain development tools for writing smart contracts and increase their revenue by joining the Modex platform.

Built as a marketplace for decentralised apps, Modex brings the advantages of blockchain technology into everyday use by connecting developers with potential customers, providing faster and easier access in order to implement smart contracts. Understanding the huge potential that blockchain technology holds and its power to change certain industries, Modex is constantly promoting blockchain on the educational level, as well as in the enterprise sector.

Advantages and bonuses for blockchain developers

Modex encourages developers and individuals who wish to learn blockchain to sign-up now on our platform and benefit – besides the full suite of blockchain development tools – from several advantages and bonuses. The writing of smart contracts is done in Solidity, on the Ethereum platform, and the developers can use multiple innovative tools created by Modex: Source Code Auditing, Source Code Repository, Blockchain IDE, Test Net, Block Explorer and others.

  • 150 MODEX Tokens for those who sign-up using this link.
  • 500 MODEX Tokens for those who fill-in and send a feedback report with relevant suggestions related to the tools that Modex offers to blockchain developers.
  • 50 EUR for the first smart contract published on Modex Marketplace.
  • Up to 1,000 EUR monthly for beginners, max 40 working hours / month.
  • Solidity training at Modex Labs, free access for those who signed-up in the platform by using the link (limited seats available).
  • Free access to blockchain training once the Modex Academy launches, in the first part of 2019.

Technological link between developers and customers

The aim of Modex is to provide, on a global scale, a wide portfolio of apps that use the revolutionary blockchain technology, bringing together DApps developers and their business clients. Developers can sell their solutions through Modex Marketplace, while companies can buy them directly or require custom-built apps tailored to their business needs. ‘The innovation behind blockchain technology lies in its versatility, which makes it suitable for various industries: healthcare, the voting system, database management, financial industry and many others. Blockchain technology has the edge when it comes to fast and transparent transactions, removing the need for middlemen’, states Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Founder of Modex.  

Alin Iftemi, Modex CTO: ‘We’ve finished 2018 strong and we set off into 2019 at full throttle, with a clear development plan. Besides the launch of Modex Enterprise and Modex Academy, this year will bring new functionalities to our products. As until now, we will continue to focus on blockchain developers and their needs, so I’m inviting them to join our platform and discover, first-hand, the added value that Modex brings to the industry. We are looking forward to receiving their valuable feedback in order to continue to develop and offer, together, even better products.’


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