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Mobile Fraud Has Met Its Match With Evina and Telecoming’s Latest Global Alliance

European technology companies Evina and Telecoming have signed a global alliance to work hand in hand in promoting Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) as the safest and most appropriate payment method in the new mobile economy and, in particular, for the fight against fraud.

The agreement deals a body blow to the mobile fraud that cost the African continent over $4 billion last year. DCB is the most suitable payment technology for millions of unbanked Africans who appreciate its unparalleled reach and convenience. The agreement between Evina and Telecoming; both with operations in 15 African, Middle Eastern, and European countries; now makes mobile-based transacting even safer.

Telecoming has been a prominent expert in DCB since 2008, and Evina is the reference in the fight against digital fraud. With this alliance, both organizations will combine their expertise to develop the industry, whilst bolstering mobile payment security.

Roberto Monge, COO, Telecoming
Roberto Monge, COO, Telecoming

“Direct carrier billing has been growing in the new digital economy. It is a technology with enormous potential that benefits all players in the mobile environment,” said Roberto Monge, COO of Telecoming. “With this alliance, we want to place DCB at the forefront of the payments industry and reinforce our commitment to the development of a transparent, secure, and stable mobile economy.”

The alliance aims to educate on the vast potential of direct carrier billing through the DCBMaster service that allows users to measure their exposure to fraud, as well as their market and regulations knowledge.

David Lotfi, Evina’s CEO, added “The potential of DCB is widely underestimated by mobile operators and other market players. This is mainly due to the fact that DCB is currently adversely affected by fraud. By protecting the mobile payment ecosystem, we aim to sustain DCB’s growth and help all players flourish in this ecosystem.”

The alliance will also enable the launch of the first global DCB indicator. This DCB Index will measure the maturity of the DCB market in different regions, based on the analysis of four indicators: Fraud protection, Innovation, Penetration in the Digital Industry, and Growth Potential.


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