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Mobile and broadband consumers could save over £3bn a year

Consumer saving company ctrlio (pronounced control-ee-o) launched its 2017 Mobile and Broadband Consumer Report based on a sample from over 230,000 searches made on ctrlio’s website. Key findings from the report include:

UK mobile consumers could be saving up to £3.7bn on their mobile and £3.4bn on their broadband contracts despite the fact that they are getting savvier about searching out the right deals

This equates to average savings for mobile consumers of £119 a year (for 58% of mobile visitors) while broadband users could save an average of £176 over the same period (for 75% of broadband visitors) by choosing the right contract

Average savings increased by 35% when consumers analysed their mobile bills rather than guessing their usage.

“As we’ve seen from our research, matching deals to actual usage rather than guessing can save consumers substantially more on their mobile contracts,” says ctrlio CEO Laurence John. With mobile, unlocking individual offers leads to more people finding savings with the percentage of consumers saving money increasing from 58% to 74%. While the total potential savings has dropped from £4.4bn in 2016 to £3.7bn in 2017, there are still great opportunities for savvy consumers to get the best deals.

Adds John, “The report demonstrates that consumers who flag their needs to brands and signal their intention to buy a particular product or service, instead of brands trying to second guess them, get better deals and make substantial savings, and with the advent of GDPR next year this will become even easier.”

The popularity of SIM only contracts continues to grow with 6 out of 10 people selecting a SIM only deal compared to 43% last year. Data allowance has become the key differentiator as people connect through apps on an increasing basis. Data usage jumped from 3GB per month in 2016 to 5.2GB in 2017 for the mobile bills analysed online by ctrlio.

To download a copy of the report visit: https://ctrlio.com/the-2017-ctrlio-mobile-and-broadband-report/


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