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MediConnect Appoints Gary Nelson as Head of Engineering

MediConnect, the developer of a framework blockchain solution to trace and manage prescription medication, is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Nelson, an IT development expert with over 25 years of experience in the IT sector and more recently in the blockchain industry, as Head of Engineering at MediConnect.

Nelson is currently a Senior Technical Architect at IBM, focusing on Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence capabilities. Consulting across all business domains, he works on performance and optimisation improvements to existing hardware and software systems. Prior to that, he has headed Development IT teams for some of the largest companies in the world including Johnson and Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Teradata, Avaya, Unisys, Barclays Bank, Tesco, Nokia, Kesco and Lloyds Banking Group.

“MediConnect’s platform and its use of blockchain technology will save lives.”

As head of the engineering team at MediConnect, Nelson will lead the development of the MediConnect proof-of-concept platform, which is being designed to integrate seamlessly with partner pharmacies. Nelson will work closely with Stratis, the enterprise blockchain technology company that is developing MediConnect’s bespoke blockchain solution. Stratis’ solutions are unique from other consultancies as they are based on Stratis’ own blockchain platform, built using C# on Microsoft’s .NET, the most popular enterprise programming language on the most widely-used enterprise framework.

MediConnect is a blockchain solution designed to track medication all the way through the supply chain from the point at which it is manufactured to its prescription by medical professionals and purchase by patients. The MediConnect solution is being designed to comprise of two blockchains: a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solution to store confidential customer prescription data and provenance data for medicines, and a public blockchain that will handle the MEDI transactions relating to the purchase of medication embedded within the MediConnect platform.

Gary Nelson

Gary Nelson, Head of Engineering of MediConnect said: “MediConnect’s platform and its use of blockchain technology will save lives so I am clearly delighted to join this exciting project. MediConnect has excellent technology partners in Stratis with some of the world’s top talent in the blockchain space. I am looking forward to working closely with them as we develop our proof-of-concept and MVP. Our ambitions are clear – we want to become the go-to platform to stop counterfeit and overprescribed medication from reaching patients worldwide and I am proud to be a part of this.”

Dexter Blackstock, CEO of MediConnect, added: “We are extremely pleased that Gary has agreed to join the MediConnect team. He has a wealth of experience in the IT and blockchain industries which will be highly advantageous to the development of our blockchain solution. Gary will be working closely alongside Stratis as we build our blockchain solution to tackle the over-prescription of medication and provide traceability of drugs from manufacturers, wholesalers, prescribers and pharmacies all the way through to the patients.”


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