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Mastercard’s Start-up Engagement Programme Welcomes 10 Fintechs to Reshape the Future of Commerce

Mastercard has welcomed 10 fintechs from around the world to participate in its award-winning start-up engagement programme, Start Path, to scale the future of commerce. From bridging the digital divide for the next billion mobile users to addressing the needs of the underbanked and beyond, Mastercard is helping fintechs accelerate the way they change the world.

Mastercard will work with these companies through a six-month programme to co-innovate and uncover opportunities that leverage Mastercard’s technology, expertise and network to drive the future. Mastercard’s collaborative approach to innovation means investing in solutions that bring more people into the digital economy, instil trust at every transaction and protect the identity of people and things.

With the accelerated shift to digital experiences and rapidly evolving consumer behaviours, Covid-19 has created an immediate need for innovative technology solutions, and partnership opportunities abound. In both developed and developing areas of the world, technology can be the difference between merely surviving and thriving – and it is a gap that has only gotten bigger as a result of the pandemic.

“We all thrive when fintechs have access to the technology they need to reach scale and democratise finances,” said Ken Moore, Chief Innovation Officer at Mastercard. “We are partnering with the newest fintechs joining Start Path to drive inclusion, innovation and trust with alternative ways to pay and authenticate, powerful solutions for small businesses, new ways to create efficiency for business payments, as well as address the wealth gap.”

The global market for fintech products and services is expected to hit $310 billion by 2022, and not even the current crisis has dampened the industry’s prospects. As a partner of choice for fintechs worldwide, Mastercard is committed to driving what’s next and building new solutions with partners such as those in the trusted Start Path network.

Mastercard Start Path scours the globe to identify and partner with emerging players, and the following have been selected to join the elite programme:

  • Carry1st is bridging the digital divide by leveraging mobile technology, payment gateways and culturally relevant content to serve the first generation of African smartphone users.
  • FISPAN is a contextual platform that embeds business banking services within Enterprise Resource Planning and Accounting applications that clients can rely on to run their businesses.
  • Lendio provides a full-service approach to small business financing, from technology infrastructure for financial institutions to access to growth capital.
  • LISNR connects online to offline customer journeys globally using ultrasonic data-over-sound technology that enables proximity verification and contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers and mobility companies.
  • Mocafi is a financial services platform designed to help the underbanked with digital banking and credit building along with personal wealth coaching.
  • Mo Technologies offers an innovative credit scoring model for financial and non-financial institutions that helps to extend more credit products to more customers in all segments.
  • Panda Remit is building a global financial platform where money is borderless, allowing for safe, convenient and low-cost money transfers.
  • Paycode provides a low-cost biometric online and offline banking and payment system that solves the three key challenges of the unbanked last mile: identity, connectivity and cost.
  • Fanbank/Plink is a commerce automation platform created to help grow small businesses by increasing customer lifetime value, attracting local shoppers and transforming point-of-sale terminals.
  • Subaio offers a white-label subscription management service for banks, allowing users to track and cancel subscriptions directly from their own bank.

Start Path companies will have an opportunity to connect to many partners in Mastercard’s global ecosystem of banks and merchants as well as technology and digital players to scale their businesses and deliver transformative solutions. With more than 250 start-ups in the Start Path programme since its founding in 2014, these companies have gone on to raise $2.9 billion in post-programme investments and are delivering solutions that are transforming the future of commerce.


  • Polly is a journalist, content creator and general opinion holder from North Wales. She has written for a number of publications, usually hovering around the topics of fintech, tech, lifestyle and body positivity.

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