Mass Media is Junk Food…And civilisation is suffering from intellectual scurvy.

It’s all marketing. Of ideologies, of companies, of celebrities. Media has been diluted to disinformation, misinformation, and uninformation.

Social Media is the trend setter. Reductive thinking, deception, noise generation, mass numbers, shrills, more deception, anonymity, disregard for facts, denial of truth, appeal to base instincts, manipulation of emotions, Nation State psyops, attention! Grabbing Pussy! Cats.

Twitter is the single biggest culprit in this degrading of civilised discourse. The inevitable of loss of subtlety and intelligence when obliged to use no more than a couple of sentences to communicate is the death of sophistication. Yet because it is ‘successful’ in terms of volume of (negative) impact, the trends have moved all the way up the media ladder.

The downward spiral. The mass dissemination of words for free has created a population happy to pay for entertainment but unwilling to pay for informative media. This in turn reduces quality of media, which in turn reduces willingness to pay for it.

The quality of media content is commercially irrelevant. The value of media is measured in the number of clicks, shares, and comments. Only the digitally measurable response is valuable.

The value of the content to the reader is emotional reaction. The audience is only willing to pay for entertainment, not information.

Therefore to survive all media must become entertainment! OMG! QED! LMFAO!



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