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Mana Search 2020 Salary Report Reveals Trends and Insights in Data Jobs

A new 2020 salary report by Mana Search highlights the trends and changes within data jobs.

The report shows that data scientists, engineers and analytics professionals are in high demand. They enable organisations to extract valuable insights from data and apply them for substantial actionable solutions. As data analysis methodology grows in power, and the volume of data collected increases exponentially, the number and variety of roles in data science are also increasing significantly.

The Mana Search report reveals average data science salaries across the UK, as well as salary expectations for different data professionals. Findings include that overall, more than half of UK data jobs are located in London. Alongside London, there are concentrations of data roles in larger cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge. Outside of the big cities, companies – especially well-funded startups – are willing to pay above market price to attract talent. The number of job openings, however, is limited.

Mana Search found that in 2020 there has been a striking, if not entirely surprising, shift towards remote roles. However, the long-term adoption of remote work is yet to be seen, and London still remains the unquestioned centre of the UK data sector.

Data engineers have the highest average salary across all levels, followed closely by data scientists. Some Chief Data Officer and Lead Data Engineer roles offer salaries of up to £200,000. Data analyst positions, typically considered to be the entry-level for careers in data and analytics, pay much less on average than data scientist and data engineer jobs. London tops the list of high-paying locations, with a majority of £50,000+ and £100,000+ jobs based in the capital.

The report also examines in-demand skills across data science. In terms of required skills, Python, R and SQL are the three most popular programming languages for jobs in data.

Mana Search created the report by extracting thousands of job listings from leading job boards, and from many of their own job collections, which enabled them to collect and categorise the data into different subsets of data professions. They then divide the obtained data into many subgroups based on salary, locations, years of experience and skills required.

In terms of main job trends within the UK, London is still the preeminent region for data roles, characterised by the highest average salaries for these roles, reaching over £77,000. This is up from £66,000 per annum. London has not been challenged by another emergent location, but rather by a national trend towards remote work.

Permanent data jobs are still most often located in big cities, with Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Leeds and Liverpool accounting for between 1.7% and 5.5.% of all Data Roles.

You can view the full results of the 2020 salary report here.



  • Mimi is a Mana Search R&D Labs co-founder. She is a senior associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins in Innovation, and a PhD fellow at Imperial College London, Faculty of Engineering, she co-hosts The Fintech Times Searching for Mana podcast.

  • Lloyd is a London-born entrepreneur and headhunter. As CEO of Mana Search has successfully helped scale a number of unicorn technology scale-ups. Lloyd also hosts The Fintech Times Searching For Mana, a progressive podcast celebrating leaders and founders in the tech and finance space.

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