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What makes a successful technologist at a City of London FinTech?

The answer may surprise you. Meet Alessandra, a Physics masters and Computational Biology PhD graduate and an expert in tomato genomics. She is now a software developer at Pirum Systems, a world leading financial services technology provider.

With 10 years Perl coding experience, and her wealth of academic achievement, Alessandra joined the Pirum tech team two years ago. Perl is a popular language in bioinformatics, with an extended collection of modules named BioPerl that facilitate the development of scripts for genomics applications. Perl is also used extensively at Pirum to process securities finance transactions data in support of its connectivity and trade lifecycle management offerings.

While Alessandra did not have specific industry experience in the securities finance arena in which Pirum operates, her genuine interest in learning more in combination with her coding expertise enticed her to apply. Pirum has a strong collaborative ethos amongst its staff, with exceptional technologists sitting alongside product development, project management and sales and service delivery teams. Previous experience is varied and wide ranging including research, academia, teaching and retail in addition to its team of securities finance subject matter experts. “The key is to feel supported and comfortable to ask questions at any time”, said Alessandra. “This is absolutely one of Pirum’s selling points as an employer and one of the reasons people love working here”.

Alessandra applied her experience in genome data management to the solution domain at Pirum, which securely consumes and automatically processes raw data from financial institutions for its range of services. Millions of transactions are processed daily with more than 1 million lines of code in place. Clients interact with Pirum’s services through their web browser to access its secure, fully hosted platform. Other programming languages being used at Pirum include Scala, PHP and Javascript.

Pirum is a successful and growing FinTech firm, and is always on the lookout for talent with an interest in its business model and ever-expanding service suite. Visit www.pirum.com to find out more and email us at [email protected] to register your interest.


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