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Ma’an Launches Ghaya Financial Literacy Programme: Registration Now Open

As part of its efforts to enhance the knowledge of financial management for citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi and create a culture of volunteering across the Emirate, the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an has launched the second cohort of its ‘Ghaya’ financial literacy programme.

Set to begin on 7th June, the three-month virtual course which will be taught in Arabic, will focus on a range of key topics and educate the participants on making vital financial decisions, the importance of managing and saving their money and how to invest wisely. Registration for the programme is now open and will close on 27th May.

By empowering the participants with important financial knowledge that will help in their everyday lives, the Ghaya programme will help address an important social priority that has been identified by the Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development through its Quality of Life survey.

To deliver the course, Ma’an has partnered with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Academy and The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF).

As educational partners, ADGM Academy in partnership with LIBF have developed the curriculum content and will continue to contribute to the delivery of the programme. As well as applicants from the public, partners – the Social Support Authority (SSA), Dar Zayed for Family Care and Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation will also select and provide beneficiaries to participate in the programme.

During the 12 weeks of the practical and theory-based course, participants will learn how to manage their finances more efficiently, understand the basics of money matters and explore different investment options.
The programme will also be personalised and relevant to those living in Abu Dhabi with the initiative’s impact being measured to ensure it addresses the key social issue and educates the participants to become more financially literate, dependent and confident with money.

Following the completion of the course, participants will be able to apply the key learnings to their own finances as well as take on the responsibility of informing members of their family and the community on the importance of managing money and helping create positive attitudes towards financial literacy.
The Ghaya programme is also part of Ma’an’s commitment to foster community engagement, creating volunteering opportunities for Abu Dhabi’s community to make a difference. The specialised volunteers, which will come from the public as well as member banks of UAE Banks Federation (UBF) will be trained by LIBF to deliver the course content that is easy to understand.

Following completion of the programme, the successful participants who excel in the programme will obtain a certification in Financial Literacy awarded by LIBF. In addition, the specialised volunteers will also receive digital LIBF Trainer badges.

The latest cohort of the Ghaya programme will aim to build on the success of the inaugural cohort in which 60 UAE Nationals became the first graduates in March.

Her Excellency Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said: “At Ma’an, we are committed to create a better tomorrow for Abu Dhabi residents and citizens which is why we are thrilled to launch the second cohort of the Ghaya programme in what is a vital initiative that will empower the community with the necessary financial knowledge that will help change their daily lives.

“No matter what your age is, gaining a strong understanding of financial literacy is important for everyone. It is not just about knowing how to save, budget or invest wisely but learning how to successfully implement them into our everyday lives. We realise topics of this genre can be complex and therefore we have collaborated with a number of leading organisations who are experts in this field to deliver this unique programme, which has been carefully developed to ensure that it is effective and simple to understand so that it can make a meaningful difference.

“By taking the participants on a learning journey, they will be able to be more confident in making informed financial decisions and be more responsible in managing their money and planning and investing for the future, which will help reduce stress and improve their wellbeing.

“Furthermore, these partnerships are imperative in making a lasting impact in Abu Dhabi and contribute towards the economic growth and prosperity of Abu Dhabi. I encourage as many Arabic-speaking individuals as possible to apply for the second cohort and play their part in making a positive impact to only their lives but to others as well.”

To inspire more people to take part and improve their financial knowledge, Ma’an plans to deliver the Ghaya programme in both English and Arabic languages in the future.


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